Bugsnax Ending Explained | What is the end credit scene, the Grumpinati theories, and the monster?

The Bugsnax ending finally answers the question: “what are Bugsnax?” Revealing the true nature of the Bugsnak creatures, the ending also reveals what happened to Lizbert and Eggabell, what the cryptid monster is, along with providing an end credit scene that sets up a sequel. Here is the Bugsnax ending explained.

What are Bugsnax?

Bugsnax are revealed to be parasites that take over their hosts both physically and mentally in order to encourage them to eat more, before eventually transforming them completely into Bugsnax. They’re similar to cordyceps, a genus of parasitic fungi that also served as the inspiration for the infected in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

All the Grumpuses in Bugsnax are depicted to be obsessed with the creatures in their own way, though this is no coincidence. The Grumpuses are compelled to keep eating by the Bugsnax, who are revealed to be in control of the entirety of Snaktooth Island, which is sustained by the deceased bodies of Grumpuses.

What happens to Lizbert and Eggabell?

bugsnax ending explained what happened to lizbert

Lizbert is revealed to have transformed into a giant Bugsnak in the game’s final mission. However, while most Grumpuses are unable to remain in control of themselves after such a transformation, Lizbert reveals that she has somehow managed to remain conscious and lucid despite now being more Bugsnak than Grumpus.

Eggabell is encouraged by Lizbert to leave her to be destroyed alongside the island, which is facing a volcanic eruption, though Eggabell decides to stay and share the same Bugsnak body as Lizbert.

As Buddy and the rest of the Grumpuses leave Snaktooth Island by way of the flying ship, both Lizbert and Eggabell wave goodbye to them as they depart. Their fate is unclear, though the other Grumpuses describe how they’re hopeful that both are still alive.

What is the monster?

The monster in Bugsnax is revealed to be Lizbert, who can alter her limbs to take the appearance of a figure made entirely out of Bugsnax. As Lizbert explains, it was her intention to frighten the Grumpuses and force them to leave the island, which she tried to achieve by assuming the form of a cryptid. However, as Lizbert could not talk using the monster, she had to settle for creepily pursuing them in the hopes they’d abandon their search for her.

Who are the Grumpinati?

bugsnax grumpinati

The Grumpinati is effectively the Bugsnax Illuminati. It is mostly treated as a conspiracy theory by the other Grumpuses, though it is frequently referenced by some of the more suspicious Grumpus as a real organization. Snorpy Fizzlebean, Snaktooth Island’s “ingenious introvert inventor,” even has his theories plastered above his bed alongside a tinfoil hat.

The Grumpinati is suspected by some to be behind the Bugsnax, and for the creatures to be tied into a wider conspiracy. Mind and population control are the Grumpuses prevailing theories behind the Grumpinati’s supposed motivations, though throughout the story such theories are written off by the other, more skeptical Grumpuses.

However, the Grumpinati is seemingly revealed to be true in a post-credit scene, which features Buddy’s boss at GNN talking to a mysterious figure about the journalist having potentially unearthed the secret behind Bugsnax.

Bugsnax end credit scene

bugsnax end credits

In the Bugsnax end credit scene, a phone conversation between GNN boss Clumby and a mysterious other Grumpus can be heard. Though the Grumpinati isn’t explicitly referenced, it does seem that Clumby is in cahoots with the organization, and that there is concern that Buddy and the other Grumpuses know about the reality behind Snaktooth Island.

The Bugsnax ending shows Buddy and Filbo talking to Clumby, with both choosing to not tell GNN that Snaktooth Island really has Bugsnax inhabiting it. Presumably, this is out of a fear that other Grumpuses will travel to the island and see for themselves, thus ensuring that the parasites have more hosts to inhabit. Buddy is fired as a result, though as highlighted in the post-credit scene, Clumby is skeptical that the protagonist was telling the truth.

At the end of the end-credit scene, a Strabby is shown hopping off the boat that the Grumpuses used to leave Snaktooth Island. The Strabby heads off towards the city, pointing to a sequel where the Grumpuses’ city will be overrun with the creatures