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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone | Dev error 5476 fix

The Call of Duty series is vast, and making all the current-generation games play together takes work. Of course, when things don’t work properly, players tend to see a dev error. One of these is dev error 5476, which usually appears during bouts of online multiplayer. Thankfully, the Call of Duty community has discovered how to fix dev error 5476 with a strange yet simple tweak.

Call of Duty | How to fix dev error 5476

Call of Duty - How to fix dev error 5476

Dev error 5476 in Call of Duty tends to appear randomly across Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Cold War multiplayer. It often comes about during times of server outages or instability. Weirdly, many players discovered that you can fix dev error 5476 by changing your calling card and emblem.

As error fixes go, this is a strange solution. For some reason, dev error 5476 appears for players who have their calling cards and emblems set to random. If you change it to anything other than random, the error goes away. Apparently this solves the problem no matter the game nor the platform, from PC to PlayStation and Xbox.

Otherwise, the problem maybe server-side. Past reports of code 5476 on the Modern Warfare subreddit show that it crops up when Call of Duty servers go down. When that happens, there’s nothing you need to do; there’s some sort of disagreement between the client software and the servers themselves. The error message will only go away once the developers are able to sort out the problem.

If you encounter dev error 5476 in Call of Duty, change your calling card and emblem. No one knows why, but the random setting seems to be the cause of the error. Once you set a new emblem and calling card manually, dev error 5476 will fix itself. Otherwise, the game’s online multiplayer servers may be experiencing instability, and you’ll have to wait things out.