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Control PS Plus PS5 upgrade contradicts Remedy’s previous policy

Control is one of the many games of the last few years that is getting a current-gen upgrade, but it is also one of the few that has stirred up some controversy. Instead of being free for all users, only those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition get said free upgrade; not owners of the base version or those that have base version with the DLC. However, Sony has now made partial good on that weird policy as the Control PS Plus PS5 upgrade will be free for subscribers.

How the Control PS+ PS5 free upgrade works

Control PS Plus PS5 upgrade contradicts Remedy's previous policy

Control Ultimate Edition will be one of the February 2021 PlayStation Plus games on PS4 and PS5. This means owners on both systems can grab the game on the platform they have and PS Plus users without a PS5 can bank this Ultimate Edition for a later upgrade. Those who had the original game and were miffed at the stringent upgrade path now have a roundabout way to grab the native PS5 version right as it launches on the system. They don’t have to fork over any extra money; they just have to keep their subscription and ensure that they redeem the game next month. Saves, however, still won’t transfer over to the PS5 version.

While this is a good thing for many people who already have Control and PS Plus subscribers who don’t currently have the title, this upgrade path still leaves out some players. Those who bought the original and don’t have a PS Plus subscription must buy the Ultimate Edition to get access to the shiny PS5 port. Xbox users are also stuck with Remedy’s strict upgrade path, too, as Games With Gold doesn’t have any similar offerings. Control did just hit Game Pass on PC and Xbox One, but only the standard edition. Given how the game runs poorly on the PS4 and Xbox One, many saw this premium upgrade path as a slap in the face but at least Remedy has taken one step to ensure that at least some people will get this beefier edition.