How to backup and copy amiibo on iOS or Android

Nintendo’s NFC figures line is a neat accessory that can unlock a multitude of bonuses in certain games. However, with over 100 released so far (and more coming), it can be frustrating for collectors to have to grab a pile of them anytime they want to use them. Fortunately, there is a way to backup amiibo figures and clone them to a more compact and easy-to-use format.

We’ll walk users through the process of backing up amiibo data using an iOS or Android smartphone. We’ll also cover how to copy  amiibo to an NFC card, coin, button, or tag.

Note: Game Revolution doesn’t endorse using this method with any amiibo figures a user hasn’t purchased.

How to backup amiibo using iOS or Android

backup and copy amiibo iOS android

Any smartphone with NFC capabilities can read and backup amiibo data. This is the first step to making a copy of an existing amiibo figure.

Before making a copy of any amiibo, a user must first obtain two files:

  • unfixed-info.bin
  • locked-secret.bin

These two files are used to decrypt amiibo data. However, users will need to find out how to dump these on their own as we can’t provide them here.

Once a user has located the two keyfiles, we can begin the process of backing up an amiibo.


TagMo save amiibo data

The best program to use for managing amiibo on an Android phone is TagMo. This app isn’t on the Google Play Store. Instead, users must sideload it from the project GitHub.

Once TagMo is installed, users must go to settings and tap the Import Keys section at the top of the menu. From here, users can select the folder where the two files we mentioned earlier are kept.

When the encryption keys are installed, users can return to the initial screen to start backing up amiibo.

To back up amiibo data on TagMo:

  • Select “Scan Tag.”
  • Hold the amiibo base against the phone’s NFC reader.
  • When the amiibo is scanned, its info will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Tap “Save Tag” to backup the amiibo data.

After the last step, the amiibo is saved to the user’s phone. Now it’s ready to be copied.


Backing up amiibo data on iOS is just as easy. However, the apps we’re using require a one-time purchase, unlike TagMo, which is free.

To backup amiibo using an iPhone or other iOS device, download AmiiBot for $3.99. After that, users have to head into settings and point the app to the two keyfiles.

After the keyfiles are set, backing up amiibo data with AmiiBot is easy. Just go to the My Collection tab and tap on the icon in the screen’s upper right part. Scan the amiibo when prompted, and it’ll be saved!

How to copy amiibo data to an NFC card or tag with iOS or Android

amiibo NFC cards

A user’s backup amiibo data can be written to an NFC card, tag, coin, button, etc., using an Android or iOS smartphone with an NFC reader.

There is only one type of NFC tag that works with amiibo data: NTAG215. There are many variations when it comes to NFC tags, so users must be careful when purchasing them or they’ll end up with a lot of useless items.

Any NTAG215-compatible item should work, but here are our recommendations:

Be careful when writing to these NFC blanks. Amiibo data is not rewritable. Once it’s copied, users are stuck with it.


Writing amiibo data is just as easy as saving it with TagMo:

  • Tap “Load Tag.”
  • Select the amiibo data to be copied.
  • When it loads, tap “Write Tag.”
  • Place the blank NFC tag near the phone’s NFC reader.

The NFC blank should now contain the amiibo date. It’ll now scan on the Switch just as if it were a figure.


The process to write amiibo data to an NFC tag on iOS is similar:

  • Open AmiiBot.
  • Select the amiibo to be copied from the My Collection screen.
  • Tap the third icon from the top at the top right of the screen.
  • Place the blank NFC tag near the device’s NFC reader.

If the copy is successful, the NFC tag will now scan just like a figure.