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Does Apex Legends require Nintendo Switch Online?

The Apex Legends Switch version is finally here over two years after the game originally launched on other systems. This port is the same free-to-play shooter on those pieces of hardware, but some are wondering if Apex Legends requires Nintendo Online, the premium subscription needed to play online multiplayer on the Switch. Here’s whether or not Apex Legends needs a Nintendo Switch Online account in order for players to access online multiplayer.

Does Apex Legends need a Nintendo Online account?

Does Apex Legends require Nintendo Switch Online?

The Apex Legends Switch version does not require a Nintendo Switch Online account. Anyone can download the game on the system and play it without needing to fork over the cash for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This can be seen on the game’s eShop page as it just says “Save Data Cloud” under the online section. Games that require a NSO account will also say “Online Play” there if they need a subscription. Apex Legends just supports cloud saves, as the above picture shows.

Free-to-play games on the Switch do not need Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions. Fortnite is the same way. However, it is still a worthy question to ask since the stipulations around free-to-play games can vary from platform to platform. Free-to-play games don’t require PlayStation Plus and PC players don’t need to pay for online multiplayer either. Xbox users used to have to pay for Xbox Live Gold to play free-to-play games but Microsoft recently lifted that in January 2021 after users scoffed at the dramatic Xbox Live Gold cost increase (which Microsoft also rescinded).

But even though Apex Legends is free-to-play for all on the Switch, it does require a hefty download. The eShop lists it as a 25 GB-title, which is something that is sure to grow as the game goes through its seasons and gets even more updates. Be sure to grab a big SD card to be able to hold more than just Apex Legends.