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Fortnite | How to get Intel from a character

New challenges arrive in Fortnite constantly, but for part-time players, some tasks probably require extra explanation. Such is the case with Chapter 2 of Season 5, which features a mission that requires players to get intel from characters spread across the map. While this challenge seems tricky, it’s actually very straightforward: You just need to know who to buy intel from.

How to get intel from a character in Fortnite

How to get intel from a character in Fortnite

To get intel from a character in Fortnite, you only need to speak with them. The catch is that not every NPC character has intel on offer. Approach the right character, and you’ll find the option to buy intel for a set amount of gold bars.

Since NPCs are a relatively new addition, you may not be familiar with all of their locations. Plus, since many characters don’t sell information, you may wind up thinking you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry, you aren’t.

The trick is that you need to speak with certain NPCs specifically. Luckily, there are a few characters who are guaranteed to have intel; two of the easiest to find are Ragnarok near Holly Hedges and Lexa over at Hunter’s Haven. Otherwise, you can try speaking with Kyle at Lumber Lodge, Sleuth at the agency in Sweaty Sands, or Bunker Jonesy hiding out within Shipwreck Cove.

The process is simple: Approach the character and speak with them. When you do, you’ll see an option to buy intel. If you have the currency on hand — Lexa and Ragnarok both charge 10 gold bars — then they’ll hand over their information and you can continue on your mission. For the time being, both Ragnarok and Lexa sell information regarding nearby treasure chests, Kyle reveals nearby campfires, and Bunker Jonesy shows you the location of Bigfoot.

Find the character, offer gold to get their intel, and the challenge will be completed. No matter who you speak with, you’ll need gold bars in order to purchase their intel, so be sure to keep some on-hand. Otherwise, this Fortnite challenge is a breeze.

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