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Valheim: How do wards work?

One of the more misunderstood crafting items in Valheim is the ward. This item is said to emit a strong aura that prevents other players from constructing buildings or entering doors. Why would you want to block access to buildings? And how can you grant permission for other players to access structures within a ward? Keep reading to learn more about how wards work in Valheim.

How wards work in Valheim

How wards work in Valheim

Wards in Valheim are used to prevent other players from accessing your buildings and items. They work by creating an aura that not only locks doors and chests, but also prevents construction by any players who haven’t been granted permission.

In a nutshell, wards are the way to protect your building and equipment from rogue players in dedicated community servers. Once placed and activated, every door and chest within a 32-meter radius will be sealed. The idea is to prevent other players from taking your stuff.

However, there are a few caveats. Notably, wards do not protect your buildings from damage. Players who can’t enter locked doors can still simply break them down. For extra protection, you should build houses out of stone.

Wards themselves can be destroyed, too. Once they’re gone, other players will be able to enter your home and steal your items. Lastly, wards don’t prevent players from taking items from item stands, or from simply destroying chests to get at the contents inside.

Though they aren’t perfect, wards at least do provide a bit of extra security. You shouldn’t need any if you’re playing solo or on a server with trusted friends. Still, on community servers, they’re worth the extra piece of mind. Given that they only require five Fine Wood, five Greydwarf Eyes, and one Surtling Core, they’re not exactly expensive to craft, either.

Ward permissions – How to grant access to others

Valheim ward permissions - How to authorize other players

By default, a ward will only grant building and item permission to the player who created it. However, it is possible to authorize additional users who wish to build within another player’s ward.

Here’s how to authorize another player to grant building and item access with a ward:

  1. Approach your active ward and press E to deactivate it
  2. While deactivated, have the other player approach and press E to add their name to the permitted players list
  3. After permission has been granted, have the creator press E again to reactivate the ward

Any player added to the list of permitted users will be able to open doors, chests, and build within the ward’s radius. To revoke their access, you can simply destroy the ward, then place it again. Alternatively, you can deactivate the ward, then have them approach and press E to remove their name from the list. Obviously, the latter method only words if the other player is nearby — and if they agree to have their permission revoked.