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Outriders: What does Leech do explained

The Leech skill is immensely useful in Outriders, but the game doesn’t readily explain what it does. This can cause players to skip over mods and class tree nodes which increase Leech’s effectiveness. Fortunately, the game is forgiving, and lets players respec at will. We’ll explain what Leech does in Outriders below.

What does Leech do in Outriders?

Outriders What Does Leech Do Explained

In Outriders, Leech heals the players for a percentage of the damage done to an enemy. This is an incredibly effective way to restore health because it can be done at any range, regardless of the healing mechanic of the player’s current class.

There are two types of Leech in Outriders:

  • Weapon Life Leech: Heals the player for a percentage of damage done by a weapon.
  • Skill Life Leech: Heals for a percentage of damage done by a skill.

Here are few examples of how Leech works:

  1. The player has a weapon equipped with 10% Leech.
  2. They fire their weapon at an enemy doing 100 damage.
  3. Leech heals them for 10 HP.

Using Leech with a skill works similarly:

  1. The player has a +20% Skill Leech modifier.
  2. They cast a skill on an enemy doing 100 damage.
  3. Leech heals them for 20 HP.

We’re still experimenting to find out exactly how Leech handles Area of Effect and Damage Over Time attacks. It’s not clear if when an attack with splash damage and Leech hits a group of enemies if the Leech effect is applied to all or just one of them. Additionally, we haven’t quite figured out if an attack with Leech that causes burning damage only heals for the initial hit or for each tick of damage while the enemy is burning.

Needless to say, Leech is a beneficial addition to a player’s arsenal. This is especially true for the Trickster and Devastator, which have class healing that only works at short range.