Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

Rainbow Six Siege is better with other players, but not all platforms are able to join matches with one another. Crossplay and cross-progression are supported, but for now, crossplay between consoles is limited. So how exactly does the game function across platforms? More importantly, does Rainbow Six Siege support crossplay between PC and Xbox or PlayStation consoles?

Rainbow Six Siege | Is there crossplay between PC and console?

Rainbow Six Siege - Is there crossplay between PC and console?

Rainbow Six Siege does not currently support crossplay between PC and PlayStation or Xbox consoles. However, according to the game’s director, support for cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation consoles is currently in development.

As you may have gathered, the answer to the question of Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is complicated. As things stand right now, cross-platform play is only supported between consoles in the same family. For example, PS4 and PS5 users can play together, as can Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users. PC players, naturally, are stuck joining matches against other PC players.

However, true cross-platform play is currently in the works. Game director Jean-Baptiste Halle told PC Gamer that the team is “actively working on cross-progression and crossplay.”

There’s one catch, though. While Halle mentioned “it would be great” if Xbox and PlayStation users could play against one another, he isn’t convinced that PC players should join in the mix. As to whether or not Rainbow Six Siege would ever get cross-platform play between PC and consoles, he said, “it’s too early for us to communicate.”

This opinion isn’t exactly surprising. After all, PC players have a huge advantage over console players not only for better input options, but for more powerful hardware. Combined with the fact that PC players are more apt to use cheats or exploits, true cross-platform play could get messy.

For now, Rainbow Six Siege does not support true crossplay. Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation is in the works, and should be available in a future update. Just don’t hold your breath for crossplay between PC and consoles, as that feature may never appear in Siege.

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