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Resident Evil Village: Who is the Old Woman?

Early on in Resident Evil Village, Ethan will encounter a mysterious old woman who neglects to identify herself. The old lady is one of the cultists who worship Mother Miranda, but she’s weird enough that even the other villagers think something is wrong with her. Despite running into her several times, Ethan will never directly learn who she is or her name. This will leave many players wondering who the old woman in Resident Evil Village is even after it’s over.

Who is the old lady in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Old Lady Identity

Ethan meets the old woman several times in Resident Evil Village. When he first meets her, he’s running from the first Lycan attack, and she leads him to safety. After that, she pops up several more times throughout the game. However, she vanishes near the end, never to be seen again.

Though it’s not explicitly stated in the game, a cutscene proves that the old woman is Mother Miranda in disguise. Apparently, she appeared as the old lady to keep tabs on Ethan. Strangely, she seemed more helpful than anything. She certainly doesn’t impede Ethan’s journey other than being a slight distraction.

Of course, since Mother Miranda is well over 100 years old, the old woman could be her true form. From what the villagers say when Ethan inquires about her, Miranda takes on the guise of an old lady fairly often. Elena’s father, Leonardo, called her a hag and stated that the “Dumb bitch is crazy as a bag of rats.” Luiza seemed to agree in part but said that there was “wisdom in her devotion.” Evidently, she was a staple of village life.

Miranda dropped the old woman visage when the time drew closer to begin the ceremony to bring her daughter’s consciousness into Rosemary’s body. We’re not even sure what she was trying to accomplish in the first place, but that’s the story behind the hag’s identity.