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Biomutant: How to dual wield guns and melee weapons

Biomutant dual-wielding allows you to both dual-wield guns and melee weapons, though it can be tricky to figure out how to do so. With neither option available from the start of the game, you will instead be told to unlock certain abilities — the Two-Faced Cobra Grip and Twin Silver Grip — in order to start  wielding two weapons. So how do you dual wield in Biomutant?

How to dual wield guns and melee weapons in Biomutant

biomutant how to dual wield melee guns

Biomutant requires that you unlock the Two-Faced Cobra Grip and Twin Silver Grip abilities in order to dual wield. To do so, go to Close Combat and Ranged Combat in the Wung-Fu menu and select the Dual Wield Melee and Dual Wield Guns options. Select the above abilities in both, and you will now have unlocked the ability to dual wield.

But just because you’ve unlocked these abilities doesn’t mean that you can dual wield just yet. You will now need to craft or acquire weapons that support dual-wielding, as not every weapon in the game can be used with these abilities.

To dual-wield guns, both ranged weapons will need to fall into the Gun category. You can’t dual-wield rifles, shotguns, or other two-handed guns. To dual-wield melee, you will need to acquire or craft one-handed melee weapons.

After crafting, finding, or buying one-handed guns and melee weapons, you will need to equip them in their respective weapon wheel. You will now find that you can equip both of the one-handed weapons, meaning that you can now dual-wield.

Dual-wielding weapons now opens up a slew of new abilities for you to unlock, allowing you to use upgrade points to increase your proficiency in this form of combat. While it may not be as heavy-hitting as using one-handing weapons, for players prioritizing movement speed, it can be incredibly useful.

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