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Biomutant: How to swim longer and improve swimming

In Biomutant, swimming can be a true weakness. As you’re shown in one of the game’s opening tutorials, your player-character isn’t exactly a masterful swimmer — we blame it on them looking like a cat. So how do you swim longer in Biomutant and improve your breaststroke?

How to swim longer in Biomutant

biomutant improve swimming

To swim longer in Biomutant, you must upgrade your Ki energy — the energy you use to pull off your special Psi and Biogenetic abilities, along with dodge-rolling, double-jumping, and other athletics.

To upgrade your Ki energy, level up your Intellect. This will improve the power of your Psi and Biogenetic moves, increase your Ki energy, and also increase the energy regeneration you receive. The Psi-Freak class will be naturally inclined to have a better Intellect from the get-go, though any class can have their Intellect improved as time goes on. You can also alter your character to have a bigger head in the character creation tool, which will also ensure that they have a naturally better Intellect.

Swimming is tied to your Ki energy, with it running out the longer you remain in the water. Once it runs out, you will drown and be forced to restart from the last checkpoint. Fortunately, Biomutant is liberal with its checkpointing and autosaving, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get to an objective and wind up drowning before you’re able to do so.

There also isn’t a way to swim for an infinite period of time — you’ll need the Googlide mount in order to traverse the seas without drowning. Fortunately, once you acquire the Googlide, swimming isn’t really a necessity. There are some areas your Googlide won’t be able to get to until you have upgraded its engine, so you must find the storage containers housing Googlide parts in order to get an upgrade.