Subnautica Below Zero: Seatruck Sleeper Module fragment locations

One of the big new additions to Subnautica Below Zero is the game’s Seatruck. This vehicle serves as both quick transportation and a mobile base. In fact, it’s even possible to add a bed and some music to it by unlocking the Seatruck Sleeper Module. However, before your truck can become a home, you’ll need to find and scan Seatruck Sleeper Module fragments. Here’s how to find three of them quickly and easily.

Where to find Seatruck Sleeper Module fragments in Below Zero

Where to find Seatruck Sleeper Module fragments in Below Zero

To unlock the Seatruck Sleeper Module in Subnautica Below Zero, you need to scan three of its fragments. Fortunately, five different Sleeper Module fragments can be found in the Purple Vents biome. Once three fragments have been scanned, you can build the Seatruck module at the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

First things first: Head to the Purple Vents biome. There are five different fragments throughout this area, but you only need to scan three of them. As luck would have it, there are three fragments located in a cluster right next to each other at the biome’s eastern border.

The first piece is right as the shelf begins to descend, around 400 meters east-northeast of the Delta Island dock. Search the shallow cliff edges on the eastern border where the Purple Vents biome meets the Thermal Spires biome.

The second piece is located just a bit further down below, at a depth around 130 meters. It’s being guarded by a Cryptosuchus. If you’ve already unlocked the Rebreather, you should be able to reach it just fine. Otherwise, it’s worth making a quick dash with the Seaglide.

For the third and final piece, turn due southeast and follow the crevasse about 30 meters. The fragment will be sitting out in the open among a few Ragged Pitcher Plants.

Once three separate fragments have been scanned, the Seatruck Sleeper Module blueprint will be unlocked. From there, you can craft at the Mobile Vehicle Bay. It requires three Lead, two Fiber Mesh, and one Plasteel Ingot in order to build. After it’s been attached to the Seatruck, you’ll be able to sleep through nights and play Jukebox music throughout your vehicle. If stationary bases are more your thing, here’s what you need to know to unlock the Habitat Builder.