Best Friday Night Funkin’ mods list

Indie rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ became something of an overnight success, stealing the hearts of music and game fans alike. And, as luck would have it, it’s also got an expansive mod community full of strange and interesting ideas. If you’re looking to shake up your rhythm action, here’s a list of the best Friday Night Funkin’ mods available to download for free.

Friday Night Funkin’ – Best Mods list

Friday Night Funkin' - Best Mods list

Here are our picks for the best Friday Night Funkin’ mods. Some of these modifications are mere visual changes, while others introduce new songs, stories, and even core gameplay. For convenience, all of the mods listed below can be found over at GameBanana.

V.S. Whitty Full Week Edition

Often heralded as the ultimate Friday Night Funkin’ mod, V.S. Whitty Full Week Edition offers a new input system, a full week’s worth of new tracks, and a fresh antagonist that is quite literally the bomb.


Among the most popular FNF mods is Neo, which provides a top-to-bottom overhaul to the game. It includes enhanced visuals, new levels, custom songs, additional sound effects, and a slick neon-soaked aesthetic.

Friday Night Funkin’ HD

This one does exactly what it says on the tin: Friday Night Funkin’ HD updates the game with glorious high-resolution assets. It doesn’t follow the original art style exactly, but players seem to be fond of creator Kolsan’s unique direction.

Friday night funkin, but bad

Are crisp graphics and audio too much for you to bear? Prefer a more crappy aesthetic? Go the opposite direction and install Friday night funkin, but bad, which makes the entire game look and sound comically awful.

M.I.L.F. Bullet Hell

Of all the mods on this list, M.I.L.F. Bullet Hell is the only one to change the game’s core action. Instead of a rhythm game, this mod turns the MILF battle into pure bullet-hell chaos.

FPS Plus

Given that FNF is all about timing, it makes sense to install a mod that increases the game’s performance. As long as your PC has extra power to spare, the FPS Plus mod should smooth out any lag or stutters. As a bonus, it includes an alternate input scheme that should make timing a little bit easier.