Ubisoft Announces Atomega From Grow Home Developers

It isn’t that often – outside of cases like Telltale’s games – that a game is announced right before it is released, but that’s the case with a new title that was just revealed by Ubisoft today.

Atomega, a brand new shooter from developer Ubisoft Reflections, is coming next week exclusively to PC via Steam as of announcement. Atomega is being created by the developers of the 2015 hit Grow Home and its 2016 sequel Grow Up.

This smaller title is a first-person shooter that carries on the growing theme from the studio’s previous two games, having you start out as a small floating light that grows bigger and bigger with each block scattered throughout the battlefield that you collect similar to the popular Agar.io.

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Players will go through various different forms ranging from the cyclops Atom block to the cyclops dinosaur to the cyclops Omega robot (you get the idea). Your lone eye is used to shoot lasers at the enemies that you encounter on each map. As you gain more blocks, you become much larger and more of a target that can be easily taken down.


This concept may sound familiar, and that’s for good reason. It is strikingly similar – but less round – to the recently announced Morphie’s Law shooter that was revealed at the latest Nindies event. It is highly doubtful that it is anything more than pure coincidence, though.

Atomega currently only has an online component, with no mention of a singleplayer element. However, there is a tad bit of surprisingly tragic backstory that can be gleamed from Ubisoft’s announcement. You play the game while the world is about to end, as block creatures that are simply having fun playing this game in their final moments of living.

Depression aside, Atomega looks to be an adorable shooter with plenty of strategy available, depending on if you want to play the powerful but easily targeted huge mech or the tiny but agile single block. Atomega will be releasing in a little over a week on September 19th through Steam for the small asking price of $10.