Dynasty Warriors 9 Fails to Topple Monster Hunter World

Dynasty Warriors 9 debuted to 117,495 units sold in its first week, according to the most recent Media Create Sales figures. Nevertheless, it still failed to overthrow Monster Hunter World, which has remained on top of the sales charts for a third week in a row.

After moving 1,245,169 units in its debut week, Monster Hunter World continues its unstoppable winning streak by selling 159,613 units this week, bringing the total lifetime sales to a whopping 1,750,969 units, including Limited and Bundle Editions. Impressively, Monster Hunter World‘s third week amounted to more units sold than Dynasty Warriors 9‘s debut week. This news about Monster Hunter World isn’t surprising, considering that it already managed to break 6 million shipments worldwide.

Several new releases for the PS4 broke into the top twenty software sales chart, including the previously mentioned Dynasty Warriors 9, as well as Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Shadow of the Colossus and Dragon Crown’s Pro, which debuted at second, third, fifth and eleventh place respectively. The rest of the chart is dominated by Nintendo Switch and 3DS mainstays from last week, which includes Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon and Mario Party The Top 100. No Xbox game managed to break into the top twenty of the software sales chart.

Monster Hunter World Augmentation System

On the hardware sales chart, the PS4 remained on top for the fifth consecutive week with 71,306 units sold, accounting for both the PS4 Slim and Pro. The Nintendo Switch trailed behind with 43,404 units sold. The 3DS family of handhelds consisting of the New 2DS LL, New 3DS LL, and 2DS, managed to sell a total of 10,516 units. The Xbox One family had the worst sales with only 209 and 52 units sold for the Xbox One X and Xbox One respectively. Interestingly, more people bought the PS4 Slim as opposed to the PS4 Pro while more people preferred the Xbox One X rather than the One S. The PS Vita continues to have decent sales in Japan, even as it falters elsewhere around the world.