E3 2018: Anthem Release Date, Story Trailer, and Gameplay Shown at EA Play

Anthem got a bit of a story reveal at today’s EA Play conference. We also got to see some Anthem gameplay. While I don’t want to say it’s basically Destiny 2.5, comparing Anthem to Bungie’s game just got easier. However, given the controversy behind some of Bungie’s design choices in Destiny 2, Anthem definitely stands poised to grab on to some former Destiny players that have been disillusioned.

Anthem looks to focus more on movement than Destiny, and we saw pre-rendered footage of players zipping around with jetpacks. The story behind the game is that the gods didn’t finish creating the world, but they left behind tools that can be used to manipulate the environment. Humanity seems to be endangered, and the player has to seek out whatever answers will help secure their future.

The powerful technology left behind by the gods will result in the world constantly changing. Powerful storms, land movement, and more. So as the game goes on and the story proceeds, whole areas of the game may change forever. As a freelancer, you must fight humanity’s rivals the Dominion is trying to weaponize the Anthem of Creation.

To stop them you’ll be able to take control of one of four Javelin power armors. Each of them allows you to have different movement. The Ranger is a generalized suit that excels at short-medium range combat against single targets. The Colossus can cause massive damage across the battlefield, at the cost of mobility. Suits will be fully customizable with paint jobs and geometry both being modifiable.

There will be cosmetics and vanity items available for purchase, but there will be no loot boxes. Also, there will be no ability to pay to increase your character’s power.

We also got to see a bit of gameplay and got details on Anthem‘s pre-order bonuses. Those who pre-order the game will get access to a VIP demo and a unique in-game banner. You’ll also get a legendary weapon and the Legion of Dawn Armor Pack for your troubles if you pre-order the standard edition. Those who grab the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem will get a full set of Legion of Dawn Armor Packs, a Ranger Javelin gear attachment, the soundtrack, and “more.”