E3 2018: Two Point Hospital is the Theme Hospital Sequel We Needed

Two Point Hospital has received new gameplay details, with it providing the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital that we all needed. The game is arguably wackier than its predecessors, with it containing various ludicrous ailments from patients growing turtle heads in place of their own heads, through to a monobrow infestation. As outlined in the gameplay overview, these monobrow infestations can see “monobeasts” invading a hospital, breeding, and eventually overruling it.

The game will feature a bunch of various themed hospitals to manage, from those built in hot/cold areas through to rich/poor hospitals. Each different location will feature its own set of unique challenges, and as you progress through the game you’ll come across patients with new illnesses, and different struggles to contend with as you try to keep your ridiculous hospital under control.

Watch the Two Point Hospital gameplay trailer below: