Quake Champions Battle Pass Announced, Replaces Loot Boxes

Quake Champions is getting a battle pass in an upcoming game patch. The Quake Champions battle pass is tied to a revamped game economy that the developers are using to remove randomness from rewards. A number of other changes will be coming to the free-to-play game’s economy. The Quake Champions battle pass goes live on December 20.

Alongside the battle pass will come the game’s first season of content, running for about three months. The battle pass will set players back 1,000 Platinum, which equates to about $10. The battle pass can then be upgraded for another 200 Platinum, or higher levels can be earned by playing the game.

Daily and weekly challenges will come to the game in the new update. Free rewards will also be available whether or not players purchase the battle pass. Rewards include weapon skins, vanity items, experience boosts, icons, Platinum, reliquaries, and more. Battle pass owners will get more rewards, and will have access to bonus weekly challenges.

Quake Champions Battle Pass information.

The battle pass update is also seeing Quake Champions ditch most loot boxes, and currency is being converted before the update. Champion unlocks now come at a cost of Shards, the in-game currency. Champion items can now be purchased directly with Shards, instead of loot boxes. Quake Champions‘ newly linear progression system looks to simplify the experience, and let players only collect items they want.

Progression is now tied directly into playtime and players will earn meaningful rewards at a defined pace. The battle pass system has become a free-to-play favorite after Fortnite popularized the idea. Asking players to toss a few dollars every few months for extra rewards, or letting them play with no disadvantage, is a win-win for the studio and players. Quake Champions‘adoption of the battle pass model brings it more in line with other games, and could draw people back to the first-person shooter frag-fest.

There’s a mixed reception to the news on the game’s subreddit. Most are generally happy about the economy changes, but frustration with id and Saber Interactive continue to boil over. A number of players are annoyed that the game continues to exhibit performance issues and bugs while the developers are focusing on monetization. You can check the update’s FAQ over on the official site.