The Game Awards 2018: Ark Survival Evolved Developers Announce New Game ATLAS

ATLAS is a new open-world survival MMO that was announced at The Game Awards 2018 from the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved, Grapeshot Games.

This new pirate-themed game boasts the ability to hold 40 thousand players in an open world map that is said to be 1200 times larger than an ARK server.

The ATLAS website doesn’t provide any further information as yet and instead houses a countdown that’s currently at just under 7 days at time of writing. This reflects the game’s Steam availability which will go live on December 13 but it was also revealed that Atlas will debut on consoles with the Xbox preview program at some point in the future.

The trailer looked a lot like an Ark-skinned Sea of Thieves type game showing players cooperatively manning and controlling ships to fight against both the environment and other people. It also looks like you can take to the streets in general play, get into bar brawls, hunt for treasure, and go diving.

Players are encouraged to work together to build massive armadas and claim territory to eventually try to take over the entire world.

It also showed off some crazy creatures such as a giant hammerhead shark, multi and single-headed dragon sand some sort of fire demon in all sorts of different looking locations around the world.