Humble Bundle premiers Nintendo Direct-style game reveals

Humble Bundle has revealed that they’re going to be launching their own Nintendo Direct-style video presentations. The Humble Brag will be premiering in just a few short days!

“Want to see more new amazing indies coming from our publishing team?” stated a tweet from the company’s official account. “Check out our brand new series, The Humble Brag, where we will be revealing new games and showing what’s coming up!”

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If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, they first got their start many years ago with indie gaming bundles. They soon expanded to launching bundles of bigger commercial releases and eventually opened up their own online store. Soon after, the company started publishing their own games in partnership with developers. Lastly, they debuted Humble Choice, a monthly game subscription service that lets you pick 3–9 games to permanently own every month.

Now, the “Humble Brag” will let them show off their coolest new upcoming releases. Judging by the “Spring 2020” title, this will probably be a quarterly event. You can watch the very first Humble Brag on Humble Bundle’s YouTube channel starting on March 24, 2020, at 12:00 PM Eastern.