PS5 won’t have its own Game Pass service, Jim Ryan confirms

PS5 won’t feature its own version of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan has confirmed. While many had hoped that Sony would attempt to rival Microsoft in this space, Ryan has stated that the company has no plans to push a similar service.

There had been speculation that Sony would seek to provide its own take on Game Pass, which provides Xbox owners with a wide range of both first- and third-party games to download for a monthly fee. However, Ryan has confirmed that this won’t be the case, as Sony is focusing on “blockbuster” games that it wants to sell at full price.

PS5 Game Pass ‘would not make sense’ for Sony

Speaking to BBC, Ryan said that a PS5 Game Pass equivalent “would not make financial sense” given the money Sony puts into its first-party games. As Microsoft makes all of its first-party games available on Game Pass, Sony believes adopting the same strategy wouldn’t work for its own games.

Sony will still compete with Xbox in the downloadable software space with its PS Plus Collection, revealed during this week’s PlayStation 5 Showcase event. This service will see PS4 games such as God of War and Bloodborne being made available to play for PS Plus subscribers for no extra charge.

Despite a Game Pass equivalent not coming to the PS5 anytime soon, Sony still rivaled the Xbox Series X and S with its next-gen console pricing. The company revealed that the physical and digital editions of the PS5 will retail for $499 and $399 respectively, with the latter providing the same power and performance as the disc-based PS5 for a lower price point.

However, Microsoft appears to remain prioritized on selling its services over its consoles. Xbox Game Pass has proven to be lucrative for the company, and the service will continue with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The service is also being used to sell the Xbox All Access program, which will allow consumers to purchase a next-gen console for interest-free monthly payments.