Resident Evil Village originally featured Ada Wong as a side character

Resident Evil Village has one of the larger casts in the series, but it was originally going to be even bigger. Sometimes friend, sometimes foil, Ada Wong appears in an unlockable slide in Village’s concept art gallery sporting a fascinating costume. She’s nowhere to be found in the final game, but commentary from the devs gives us an idea of where she’d show up.

What was Ada Wong’s role going to be in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Ada Wong Concept Art 1

From comments accompanying the concept art, it appears that Ada Wong would have been investigating the village. It’s assumed she’d be there on behalf of an organization (not her previous employer, “The Organization”), but the devs didn’t list her motivation.

Ada was prepared for the environment of the village and surrounding areas. She donned an ensemble with a plague doctor motif and carried a hand crossbow as a signature weapon.

Resident Evil Village Ada Wong Concept Art 2

From a storyboard, also included with the concept art, it appears that Ada would have picked up the plague doctor mask as a disguise and broken Ethan loose after Heisenberg captured him. After that, she would have escaped via a balcony, and Ethan would be on his own to make it out alive.

Unfortunately, that’s all the details we have as to what Ada’s role would have been. She would probably have appeared now and then to help Ethan out of a jam or to steal a sample of biological material, but we only know about that one scene for sure.

Seeing Ada again would have been cool, but it would have been a bit too much to add another character to an already large cast. One of our complaints about Resident Evil Village is that no one got enough screen time, and Ada would have just made that situation worse.

However, Ada Wong may see the village someday. She’s been in several DLCs in past games, and Capcom hasn’t ruled out additional story content for Village.