The Best Dual Monitor Stands

Sometimes one monitor isn't enough. For serious gamers, the dual-monitor setup is where it's at. But having a separate stand for each monitor can take up a lot of space on your desk or table. One stand to hold both monitors is the most efficient use of space. This kind of stand is called the dual monitor stand. The capability of the stand to adjust the heights and angles of the monitors is key for ergonomic viewing. This allows you to have your body in a healthy body position while you are gaming, which will lessen fatigue and stress on the neck, eyes, and shoulders. It's also important that the stand is strong enough to hold your monitors steady and remain upright. We scoured the market to find the best ones out there. Read on for our reviews of the 5 Best Dual Monitor Stands.

VIVO Dual Monitor Stand

Stand and Deliver

This monitor stand will keep your monitors in the perfect spot for you while you are gaming.
Best Overall

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Our pick for the best dual monitor stand is this one from VIVO. It’s got the sturdiness and features you want for a stand to hold your monitors while you’re gaming. This stand holds two monitors from 13 to 27 inches, with a weight limit of 22 pounds per monitor. The arms are fully adjustable to get your monitors at your preferred angles. You can tilt the monitors 45 degrees up or down, you can swivel them 180 degrees, and you can rotate them 360 degrees. In addition, you can adjust the height of the monitor along the center pole. So you really have the flexibility to set the monitors where you want them with this stand. The base is heavy to keep your monitors supported, and the bottom is padded to prevent scratching the desk it’s on.


  • Full range to tilt, swivel, or rotate
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy base
  • Padded bottom


  • Might be hard to line up monitors if they are two different brands

WALI Dual Monitor Stand

A Stand-Up Option

This stand has the capability to adjust your monitors to any angle.
Most Adjustable

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For another terrific option for holding your monitors, check out this stand from WALI. It gives you many choices for how you want to display your monitors. You can have them both in landscape mode, both in portrait mode, or one in each mode. The pole is 16 inches long, and you can position the monitor at any height on there. You can tilt and swivel a full 90 degrees in each direction, as well as rotate 360 degrees. Constructed from high-grade material, this stand provides a reliable base for your monitors. It will hold monitors up to 27 inches and 22 pounds.  The stand is also sleek and unobtrusive, so it looks good on your desk.  The plates are detachable in case you need to customize the stand for your monitors.


  • 16-inch pole
  • High-grade material
  • Detachable plates


  • Some compatibility issues with certain models of Samsung monitors

Suptek Dual Monitor Stand

Stay On Top

This solid stand offers an alternative vertical array for your monitors.
Best Vertical Mount

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This stand from Suptek will provide you with another arrangement option for your monitors. Instead of having your monitors in a horizontal, or side-by-side, array, this stand will hold your monitors one on top of the other, in a vertical array. This may be preferable if it’s more comfortable for you to move your eyes up and down, instead of from side to side. This stand comes with tools you need to adjust it, and there is a tool holder on the pole so you won’t lose the tools and be stuck with your monitors in that one position. This stand comes with a detachable cable holder, so you can keep your cables untangled. This stand has a heavy-duty free-standing base, which makes it easy to move your monitors around. But if you would like to have more room on your desk, this stand also comes with an optional grommet base to mount the monitor on the back edge of your desk.


  • Vertical array
  • Tool holder
  • Cable holder


  • The base takes up a good amount of desk space

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Stand

Steady As She Goes

You can count on this heavy-duty stand for stability.
Best Heavy-Duty Design

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Mount-It! makes one heck of a monitor stand. It’s constructed of heavy-duty steel that is strong and durable. This stand can hold monitors from 13 to 32 inches, with a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds per monitor. This stand has articulating arms that can adjust in any direction. They can swivel a full 360 degrees, as well as tilt 45 degrees either up or down. Both arms have cable clips for keeping the cables neat. The 15-inch freestanding base on this stand will keep your monitors steady without tipping. Installation is easy for this stand. The detachable VESA plate is easily and quickly attached to the back of your monitor with the included tools.


  • Great value for the price
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Holds monitors up to 32 inches
  • Swivel 360 degrees


  • Adjustments take a little muscle

Hemudu Dual Monitor Stand

Vertically Integrated

This vertical stand can hold heavy monitors.
Sturdiest Mount

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For another vertical monitor stand, consider this one from Hemudu. This is quite a stand. It can hold two monitors 13 to 30 inches, with a max weight of 44 pounds per monitor. If you have heavier monitors, this might be the stand for you. For freestanding stands, i.e. stands that are not screwed or bolted to the desk, heavier monitors risk tipping the whole stand over. But this stand is built to handle the weight. It can swivel 50 degrees in either direction, tilt up 10 degrees, and tilt down 15 degrees. This stand also has 12 height levels you can adjust your monitors to on the center pole, so you can find the most comfortable level for your eye line.


  • Max weight of 44 pounds per monitor
  • 12 height levels
  • Holds monitors 13 to 30 inches


  • Not as much range of motion for the monitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the stand come with screws?

Yes, all of the stands come with screws and the tools needed to assemble the stands and attach to monitors. The stands also come with assembly instructions.

Does the stand work with two different types of monitors?

Yes, the stand does work with two different types of monitors. Just make sure that each monitor falls within the size and weight restrictions of the stand.

Do you have to attach the base of the stand to a desk or table?

No, the stands we reviewed do not have to be attached to a desk or table. They have a base that lays on top of the table, similar to a desk lamp. Some of the stands come with a separate grommet you can install if you prefer to attach the stand to a desk or table.