The Best Backup Cameras for Your Car

Yeah, yeah, we know: you're an excellent driver. But a little help in backing up never hurt anyone. That's why we recommend a backup camera to anyone with a car, truck, or van. These affordable little gadgets attach to the back of your car and give you some visual assistance during those tight parking jobs. Some of them even deliver HD video, and others feature proximity detectors that make sure you never bump bumpers again. Here, we've come up with a list of the best of the best in backup cameras, so read on to discover a few of our favorites.

eRapta 2nd Generation Rear View Backup Camera

Perfect Parking, Every Time

This backup camera from eRapta strikes the perfect balance between price, quality, and ease-of-installation.
Best Overall

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Say goodbye to those awkward parking lot fiascos where you have to back up a hundred times just to squeeze into a spot. With an eRapta camera affixed to the back of your car, you’ll never mess up the parking again. That’s because this camera delivers a crystal-clear HD image of your rearview in both night and day. It also performs flawlessly in just about any weather conditions thanks to the fully waterproof construction (rated at IP69). An excellent choice for those that live in extreme climates, the eRapta 2nd Gen Camera can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -50° C to 80°C. Best of all, the installation process is about as easy as it gets. So for those that want a tank of a backup camera for a bargain price, go with eRapta.


  • The strong and durable construction won’t conk out on you when the going gets rough
  • The HD image is clear and features assistant guidelines that show your projected trajectory
  • You don’t need to be a tech wizard to breeze through the installation


  • This one doesn’t come with a monitor, so make sure you have one that’s compatible with an RCA video cable

LeeKooLuu HD Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

Crisp, Clear, and Colorful

For a beautiful HD image and an easy DIY installation, you might want to consider this camera and monitor combo from LeeKooLuu.
Best HD

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A strong contender for Best Overall, the LeeKooLuu HD Camera and Monitor Kit offers everything we look for in a backup cam and more. For starters, the image transmitted by the camera to the 4.3-inch LCD display is not only super clear, but it’s also super colorful. The colors can be really helpful when backing up since the high-contrast image lets you know if anything is in the way. The camera also has night vision that can peer as far as 30 feet into the darkness. Furthermore, this option is also a contender for having the easiest installation. The monitor can be powered by either a cigarette lighter or integrated into the taillights’ power source for a wiring configuration that’s hidden from sight. Even the camera itself is easy to install and simply screws onto the frame of your license plate.


  •  The installed camera is discrete and sturdy
  • The monitor is bright, colorful, and displays a surprisingly high frame rate with no noticeable lag
  • The camera is comprised of six lenses to make sure you get a fog-free, glare-free, and crystal-clear image
  • LeeKooLuu is a responsive company that offers a 2-year warranty


  • You may need an extension cable for the video wire if you plan to install it on a long van or truck

RAAYOO Reverse Backup Camera

Back That Thang Up

The wide viewing angle offered by the RaaYoo Backup Camera can really come in clutch during those tense tight parking jobs.
Best Wide View

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Those that want a backup cam with a wide-angle lens should consider this affordable option from RaaYoo. It sports a 170-degree viewing angle that makes sure nothing gets missed as you’re backing up. This option also has a host of customizable features, such as guidelines and multiple mounting options. Speaking of mounting options, this is a great choice for those that want something that installs flush with their bumper. The kit comes with a perfectly-sized hole drill and all the other hardware you need to just screw in a hole and pop in the camera. Thus, this pick also works as a front- or side-facing camera, since it can be installed just about anywhere. Note: if you don’t want to screw holes into your bumper, RaaYoo also includes a mounting bracket for positioning the camera above your license plate.


  • Absurdly low price considering the quality of the camera and the amount of extra hardware included in the kit
  • The video cable is a whopping 18 feet in length, so it should be plenty long for most vehicles
  • RaaYoo is a responsive company that offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It’s only the camera, so you’ll have to get the monitor separately (make sure the monitor takes RCA video input)
  • Obviously, a viewing angle this wide will have some distortion around the edges of the frame, but that’s to be expected

Boscam K7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Wires? What Wires?

Rather than facing the arduous task of running cheap wires through your vehicle's interior panels, why not just get this wireless backup camera kit from Boscam?
Best Wireless

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Running wires through your entire vehicle can be really frustrating. It’s even more frustrating to set everything up and discover that the camera’s image quality is subpar. So for anyone willing to part with a little extra cash and invest in a premium wireless system, we suggest going with this option from Boscam. It’s certainly pricier than most picks, but the crisp and colorful 5″ monitor and wireless HD camera are worth every penny. Better yet, the user interface is super friendly and allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, guidelines, and image orientation on the fly. And because the camera is powered through a quick hookup to your taillight and the monitor plugs right into your cigarette lighter, the Boscam backup camera sets up in minutes.


  • The wireless video transmission makes this the perfect pick for any type of car, including the extra-long vehicles like SUVs and vans
  • This option technically has the easiest installation out of all the other options on our list since it’s wireless
  • The camera is really durable and hardy and can handle all sorts of inclement weather conditions


  • Quite pricey compared to most other options

Natika Backup Camera

None the Wiser

This discrete little camera from Natika might be small in size, but it can prove to be a powerful assistant.
Most Discrete

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This little camera from Natika is hardly detectable when installed on the back of your car. That’s because it can be screwed onto the undercarriage, the trunk handle, the side of the bumper, or anywhere that you want to keep the camera out-of-sight. And just to take the discretion a bit farther, Natika offers their backup cam in three different colors to match your car’s color scheme. Super waterproof, super affordable, and about the width of a quarter, the Natika backup camera is an excellent choice.


  • Strong, durable construction sports a waterproof rating of IP69K (which, for those that don’t know, is really high)
  • Due to the low price, this option fits in most budgets
  • The strong night vision is clear even in total darkness


  • You have to cut little loops of wire to customize the image (i.e., to remove guidelines or switch the image to mirrored mode)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a backup camera?

Even for the most experienced drivers, backup cameras add an extra level of safety to the experience of driving. Through the rearview and side mirrors, there may be obstacles (living or inert) that cannot be seen without a camera. Most options also put an overlay over the video that shows your projected trajectory and may flash red when you get too close to an obstacle.

Can I use my backup camera with any monitor? 

Although there are variations, most backup cameras come with an RCA-cabled output. These are those yellow plugs with a smooth pin in the center that we used to use for VCRs and DVD players (remember those?). Make sure you check that the video output of your camera-of-choice is compatible with your intended monitor.