The Best Wireless Doorbells

The future is here and you know what that means: it's time to upgrade your doorbell. Although we have a certain nostalgia for the old mechanical doorbells, we can't deny that today's electronic doorbells are far more convenient, customizable, and reliable. It's also nice that we no longer have to feed a wire through the entire wall. In fact, many modern options feature a wireless connection that makes installation a breeze. Thus, we decided to scour the market for the best of the best in wireless doorbells. Read on to discover our a few of our favorites, from the Best on a Budget to the Premium Pick.

Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell

A Lovely Chime for a Lovely Price

This option from Avantek wins the top spot on our list thanks to its simplicity, quality melodies, and affordable price.
Best Overall

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This beautiful little doorbell from Avantek has everything we look for in a wireless doorbell and more. For starters, the setup is easy as pie and involves nothing more than just plugging in the receiver and fixing the transmitter to the outside doorframe. Then, you get to choose from 52 chime sounds, so you can set the melody depending on your mood. The receiver sports a high-quality speaker that chimes as loudly or quietly as you want. (Seriously, the volume on this thing maxes out at 115 dB, so even people that are hard-of-hearing will be alerted when someone’s at the door.) Better yet, this option has super low-power consumption and even remembers your settings in the case of a power outage. Though the Avantek Mini Doorbell may be small in size, it’s a high-performance option.


  • Surprisingly low price considering the high quality and convenient features
  • The transmitter is dustproof, waterproof, and functional in any temperature between -4° F and 140° F
  • This pick features a Mute Mode that silences the speaker and alerts you via the LEDs on the receiver


  • Some of the sounds are kind of corny and some are even annoying, but with 52 to choose from, you’re more than likely to find one that suits your fancy

SadoTech Blue Wireless Doorbell Kit

A Doorbell to Weather the Storm

Those that want a doorbell that won't crack under pressure should consider this super waterproof option from SadoTech.
Most Weather-Proof

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The SadoTech Wireless Doorbell is simple in appearance, but don’t let that fool you. It’s exceptionally weatherproof and dustproof, so don’t worry about those dark, ominous rainclouds. Of course, technically these products are water-resistant, meaning they have their limits, but as long as you’re not dunking your doorbell in the pool or spraying it down repeatedly with the hose, it should hold up just fine. Another fantastic overall option, the SadoTech Wireless Doorbell Kit is easy to install, easy on the wallet, and easy on the eyes.


  • SadoTech offers their waterproof doorbells in both white and black, so you can make sure your doorbell matches your personal style
  • Another option with a bank of over 50 chime sounds, this one is easy to set up with your favorites
  • The Model C doorbells from SadoTech are expandable, in case you want to add doorbells to multiple entrances


  • Some of the other color options don’t sport the high waterproof rating, so make sure you pick one with “waterproof” in the title if you need something with a little extra protection from the elements

TeckNet Wireless Door Bell

Set The Volume To Your Liking

Inexpensive and sporting an impressive array of customizable features, this pick from TeckNet is a great option for those that want something easy to adjust on the fly.
Best Customization

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TeckNet proves that you don’t have to sacrifice customizability for cost. This affordable option has volume buttons right on the face of the receiver so you can quickly adjust the volume throughout the day. Bump up the volume when you’re expecting an important delivery that needs a signature and lower it during naptime. This pick also features a big bank of 32 melodies and sounds. Thus, installation involves fixing the transmitter to the door frame, plugging in the receiver, finding your preferred jingle, melody, or chime, and voila – it’s set. The TeckNet Wireless Doorbell sets up in a snap. Of course, at this price range, you won’t get the absolute loudest doorbell, but with a maximum volume of 85dB, it’s still plenty loud for the vast majority of people.


  • The affordable price makes this a great option for those on a budget
  • The weatherproof transmitter is sleek and subtle
  • The receiver can be mounted with an adhesive or screws for greater security


  • Those with hearing difficulties may want something with a louder maximum volume (though 85dB is quite loud)

Secrui Wireless Doorbell M523+F55

Low Price, High Quality

For those shopping on a tight budget, we recommend this inexpensive option from Secrui, since it has all the best features and a super low price.
Best on a Budget

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With all the must-have new devices and gadgets these days, it can be pretty easy to break the bank trying to stay on top of it all. Fortunately, Secrui offers a wireless doorbell that’s both effective and affordable. Costing little more than the price of a pizza, this waterproof doorbell offers 32 chimes, jingles, and melodies and 5 different volume levels. In fact, it’s also a great choice for those with hearing impairments, since the maximum volume is 120dB (which is as loud as a rock concert. That’s loud). Plus, this pick has super low power consumption. How low? The transmitter uses a lithium cell battery that can last as long as 3 years. Once it finally does lose its juice, the battery is cheap and easy to replace. A fantastic option for those strapped for cash, the Secrui Wireless Doorbell has it all.


  • Installation is easy with the adhesive strip (you can also mount it with the included screws for greater security)
  • The mute button makes disturbance-free naptime just a tap away
  • Considering the low price and long working life of this option, it’s a steal of a deal
  • It features a memory function that retains your settings in the case of a power outage.


  • We’re not a huge fan of the Secrui logo on the front of the transmitter

Honeywell Home Doorbell Series 9

Quality Over Quantity

Though it may cost a bit more than the other options on our list, this handsome doorbell from Honeywell is the first choice for those that refuse to settle for anything less than the best.
Best Premium

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The Honeywell Series 9 might cost a few bucks more, but it’s worth it for those that want a little extra luxury. Unlike most other options, this one allows you to upload whatever mp3 tune you prefer to use as your doorbell sound. Sure, the 8 pre-loaded chime sounds are nice, but what if you want to hear Beethoven’s 5th when the in-laws arrive? The possibilities are endless. Better yet, the receiver is portable, so you can take it with you up to 450 feet away. Leave it to Honeywell to go above and beyond.


  • The hardware is aesthetically pleasing and responsive
  • The receiver is portable and can be moved about the house when you’re expecting an important package or person
  • The receiver can last up to 5 years without requiring a battery replacement
  • When you mute it, the receiver alerts you through the glowing halo light ring
  • The transmitter is subtle and looks a bit like a classic doorbell


  • The receiver’s range is reduced depending on the number of walls and barriers between it and the transmitter
  • The receiver requires 4 C-batteries (we wish it were rechargeable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any extra tools to install my wireless doorbell?

All of the options on our list come with a double-sided adhesive that makes installation a breeze. Simply stick it to the transmitter and stick that to the front of the house. These adhesives are really strong and can handle all sorts of weather conditions.

If you don’t trust the adhesive and want a stronger mount, most options also come with screws and drywall anchors. If you go this route, you’ll likely need a drill and screwdriver to make pilot holes and to tighten down the mount screws.

Is my doorbell-of-choice waterproof?

Although waterproof ratings vary among the different options, most will sport some degree of weatherproofing. If you live in an area that gets a lot of crazy weather, we recommend double-checking that your doorbell-of-choice sports a high waterproof rating. That being said, if you plan on mounting the transmitter underneath an awning or inside a hallway, you don’t really need to worry about this feature.