Join GameRevolution’s Discord Server!

Hi, folks.

In the GameRevolution forums I have noticed a few of our veteran readers discussing the mIRC chat group that this site once hosted, allowing our readers to talk among themselves about all things video games (or just about life in general). As a result, today we're officially unveiling the GameRevolution Discord server.

Discord is the go-to communication tool for gamers, allowing for both text and voice chat. If you haven't already, you can download it right here. Text chat is only available for the time being, though voice chat may be implemented further down the road, if you lovely lot want to start speaking to one another. The GR staff and I will all be posting in it, so be sure to say "hi!"

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After joining the Discord server, simply click onto the #gamerevolutionchat text channel and get typing. Remember that today marks the latest Nintendo Direct, too, so be sure to tune in for all the Hot Takes that will no doubt be posted in there.


On behalf of GR, we look forward to kickin' back with a few cold ones with you all.

Join GameRevolution's Discord chat!

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