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Saving Yello

Saving Yello
GENRE Puzzle 
PUBLISHER dreamfab 
Yello is a hapless goldfish at the mercy of his mischievous 7-year-old owner, Mathilda, who loves to play with him. Unfortunately for Yello, this means taking him out of his beloved fish bowl. Saving Yello and bringing him back to his bowl is the main quest, but players will soon learn that for every one of Mathilda’s toy destroyed along the way, they collect points. Different obstacles and toys also prove to be vulnerable to different power-ups. Now it’s starting to smell like revenge!


Saving Yello cheats


Saving Yello - saving-yello_056 Saving Yello - saving-yello_055 Saving Yello - saving-yello_054 Saving Yello - saving-yello_053 Saving Yello - saving-yello_052 Saving Yello - saving-yello_051 Saving Yello - saving-yello_050 Saving Yello - saving-yello_049 Saving Yello - saving-yello_048 Saving Yello - saving-yello_047 Saving Yello - saving-yello_046 Saving Yello - saving-yello_045 Saving Yello - saving-yello_044 Saving Yello - saving-yello_043 Saving Yello - saving-yello_042 Saving Yello - saving-yello_041 Saving Yello - saving-yello_040 Saving Yello - saving-yello_039 Saving Yello - saving-yello_038 Saving Yello - saving-yello_037 Saving Yello - saving-yello_036 Saving Yello - saving-yello_035 Saving Yello - saving-yello_034 Saving Yello - saving-yello_033 Saving Yello - saving-yello_032 Saving Yello - saving-yello_031 Saving Yello - saving-yello_030 Saving Yello - saving-yello_029 Saving Yello - saving-yello_028 Saving Yello - saving-yello_027 Saving Yello - saving-yello_026 Saving Yello - saving-yello_025 Saving Yello - saving-yello_024 Saving Yello - saving-yello_023 Saving Yello - saving-yello_022 Saving Yello - saving-yello_021 Saving Yello - saving-yello_020 Saving Yello - saving-yello_019 Saving Yello - saving-yello_018 Saving Yello - saving-yello_017 Saving Yello - saving-yello_016 Saving Yello - saving-yello_015 Saving Yello - saving-yello_014 Saving Yello - saving-yello_013 Saving Yello - saving-yello_012 Saving Yello - saving-yello_011 Saving Yello - saving-yello_010 Saving Yello - saving-yello_009 Saving Yello - saving-yello_008 Saving Yello - saving-yello_007 Saving Yello - saving-yello_006 Saving Yello - saving-yello_005 Saving Yello - saving-yello_004 Saving Yello - saving-yello_003 Saving Yello - saving-yello_002 Saving Yello - saving-yello_001


Saving Yello
Saving Yello 11/21/11
Trailer for the game Saving Yello.

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