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Rare has had a profound impact on the gaming industry, and this collection is a catalog of its timeless designs.
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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...

PS Vita


GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Drinkbox Studios 
DEVELOPER Drinkbox Studios 
RP What do these ratings mean?
In Severed you take control of a one-armed heroine wielding a living sword. Crazy, eh? You’ll be using touch based mechanics to employ offensive and defensive techniques against a variety of enemies.


Severed preview
Like everyone else who got to try the game out, I’m anxious to wait until this summer for release.
Author: Gil_Almogi
Severed preview
Lose your arm. Become badass.
Author: Gil_Almogi


Severed - severed_012 Severed - severed_011 Severed - severed_010 Severed - severed_009 Severed - severed_008 Severed - severed_007 Severed - severed_006 Severed - severed_005 Severed - severed_004 Severed - severed_003 Severed - severed_002 Severed - severed_001

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