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REVIEWS Yorbie - Episode 1: Payback's A Review
You've heard of the phrase “phoned in"? Well, this game is so bad that it must have been “texted in.”

BOXBOY! Review
What does the box say? Nothing. And it's gloriously addictive.
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PREVIEWS Dirty Bomb Preview
Looking for a more competitive, challenging online FPS multiplayer game? Splash Damage is introducing just that by dropping a Dirty Bomb on the free-to-play game market.
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NEW RELEASES Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones
Release date: Out Now

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Release date: 04/07/15

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Re-Masters - Next-Gen Backwards Compatibility?
By shandog137
Posted on 03/30/15
I am a PS3 owner and someday hope to be a PS4 owner, yet I am not at all dissatisfied with my choice to delay purchase, solely based on the current PS4 library. When I transitioned from a Playstation 1 to a Playstation 2, I was pleasantly surprised that I could for the most part rid myself of my PS1...


The Merchant of Menace: The Lost Episode

GENRE Action 
Spend a day with bezzies Mitchell (Ben Bailey Smith), Templeton (Richard Ayoade) and Becky (Emma Kennedy) in the creepy corridors of Strange Hill High as the school is thrown into chaos and mayhem by the release of Elizabethan prankster William Kempe (John Thompson)! Their bizarre and heroic adventure begins as it’s announced over the tannoy that there will be a special ceremony in the Assembly Hall as the Strange Hill Time Capsule - which was buried 400 years ago - is going to be opened.
Meanwhile, Mitchell is really late handing in a homework assignment, so late he’s going to get detention for the rest of the term. Templeton suggests that if Mitchell could put the homework in the time capsule before it’s opened, then when it’s officially undone, he can prove it wasn’t late but actually 400 years early! “Brilliant!” Mitchell says. If anything, he should get an award for this, not detention…



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