Max Payne PC Cheats

Max Payne


Cheat Mode:
Right-click the desktop icon for Max Payne and click on "Properites". In the "Target Field" after everything that is there type -developer. So the very end should read "Maxpayne.exe -developer". The whole strand looks like this:
"C:Program FilesMax PayneMaxPayne.exe" -developer
You can thing bring up the console using F12. Enter any of the following cheats into the console.

Cheat                 Result
GetAllWeapons Gets all weapons GetInfiniteAmmo Receive infinte ammo God God mode Mortal Mortal ShowFPS Shows frames per second Coder Give you God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, and All Guns NoClip No Clipping NoClip_off Clipping GetBaseballbat Receive the baseball bat GetBeretta Receive the Beretta Getberettadual Receive dual Berettas GetSawedShotgun Receive the Sawed-off shotgun GetPumpShotgun Receive the pump shotgun GetJackhammer Receive the Jackhammer GetIngram Receive the Ingram GetIngramDual Receive dual Ingrams GetMP5 Receive the MP5 GetColtCommando Receive the Colt Commando GetMolotov Receive the Molotov cocktail GetGrenade Receive grenade GetM79 Receive the M79 GetSniper Receive the Sniper GetHealth Receive health GetPainkillers Receive painkillers GetbulletTime Receive more bullettime c_addhealth(100) Receive full health

Go Anywhere:
Once you have activated the cheats (with the "-developer" thing,) to jump to any level, type the following in the developer console while playing any level:
maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(X); where X is one of the below:

end_combat (Secret Finale, use this method "gm_sendendofgamemessages( );" instead of "maxpayne_gamemode")

Character Models:
Start the game with -developerkeys command line parameter and press F11 during game play to view character stats and models. PressUp or Down to chagnge characters.

Take your Own Screenshots:
Edit the desktop Shortcut and add -screenshot while you play the game when you press F10 you can take a screenshot.

Change Character:
After you've put in the thing with the develper keys thing and the developer thing. You can press page up and page down to change characters. Note: If you do this in the first level you will end up on the train tracks.


Thanks for the Help Sucka!:
When faced with seemingly impossible odds try to maneuver Max in between his enemies and watch them shoot each other, helping Max out in the process. Ya gotta love friendly fire in a single player game.

Secret Room:
During the training mode you can find a secret room! After you have learned about weapons and dodging, you have to jump over a wall. In the alley where you are now go to the van at the back. Go around it. There you see a ventilator and some kind of cabin. You can jump on them to get on a fire escape. Go up the fire escape and go through the window up top and you found a secret room.

New York Minute:
While playing the New York Minute mode it's best if you don't go out of your way to find ammo and painkillers. You just don't have the time. Pick up ammo and weapons from the foes you have dispatched along your path.

I Need QUIET!:
In Part 1: Chapter 6, you have to find an elevator. when you found it there is an anoying tune playing. When you look up, there is a speaker on the Ceiling. Shoot it and Max will say: "Thank you" -

-On part 1 chapter 2, i think it is, the bank robbery level, if you stand in the central area in the vault with the door controls and look up, you will see a red flashing light thing. Shoot it and it will go out and the siren will stop, and max will say "thank you" just like with the musak in the lift on the later level.

Soldier of Fortune Room:
After the confrontation with Vinni Gognitto in his room he flees to the rooftops. After a few gun fights you make your way out a window over a dumpster to set foot on the rooftops. Look around, you should see pipes leading you to the next room across the rooftop with a window and tv behind it. If you're here, you're between two buildings. Follow the side of the building you just came out of and look for the narrow window at the end. It looks like a normal window that can't be broke, but take out your bat and break it. Thus, the Soldier of Fortune II room full of shotguns and 1 painkiller.

A Message from G.O.D. Sort Of:
In Part III, Level IV (Backstabbing Bastard), there is a SECRET secret room. Right as you start off the level, on the top floor, just as you're about to go down the ramp, there are green barrels stacked up on each other. Jump on them, and then on the junction box right next to them, and then finally onto the roof. There is a discolored panel which falls down when you shoot it. From there, drop down the grate inside, and turn on the radio to listen to a secret (and funny) message from Remedy!

Dead on Arrival Mini-Level:
Play Max Payne on Dead on Arrival. When you beat the game you are put into a room with weapons and two doors.You lose your weapons from the last level and men in suits come out of the 2 two doors. (Remember this is a bonus level only after u beat it on dead on Arrival).

Suzi's Uzi Ammo:
In Ch. 8- Ragna Rock- when you reach the part where you are looking down on the dancefloor of the club you will notice two catwalks- one on the left and one on the right. Jump onto the one on the right and then jump into the doorway by the speakers and you will find a cache of Ingram ammo.

Don't Leave Yet:
On the Level in the Ship yard with the crane that you use to lift the box out of your path. If you climb on the handrail and jump on top of the controll booth, you can dive across to a crate on the same level. Around to the left is a room with ammo and stuff.

Even More Goodies:
On the subway level when you have turned the power back on and enter the inpection car exit to the back and keep walking and you will pick up a bettera.

Also on the level where the restaurant blows up, After you are through the fire and kill the guard, you will find some grenades in the corner. Toss one down the elevator and there is a small cut scene of the guards at the bottom dying.

No Rhythm:
On Part II Chapter 5 you enter a room with a piano. Go up to the piano and press the use item (default enter) key. Max will then attempt to play part of the main menu theme with a few of keys. When you're a fugitive on both sides all you can do is try!

In part 3 level 5 you will find a secret room. Proceed from the start until you get to the Alfred Wodens Room. Alfred has left youu some stuff over. Go to room next to TV and look for a sofa and painting. There is two paintings above the sofa, but turn a round. There's a picture next to closed door, shoot it! Now the pic is lying on the ground, but what have we here! A secret button on the wall! Push it! Now the sofa will move and show you a secret passage. Go in! Music stops. Alfred Wodens secret "playroom". Not much in there but if you turn the TV on there's Star Trek starting up!

A Tip In a NY Minute:
Loot your enemies for a quick weapon replenish. Remember, you don't have much time for chit-chat.

In the subway level in chapter three, when you first get to the old closed down station, there should be a hole in the wall. The hole should be right inn front of the first door into the closed down station. Throw a bunch of grenades and molotov cocktails into the hole. Then proceed through the level until you get to a stairwell that when you go in it a big explosion occurs and a bunch of stuff falls from the ceiling and Max Payne says "what the hell was that?". At the end of this stairwell there should be a room with a bunch of rats in it. kill some of them and some of them will have desert eagles and will attack you as if they were enemies.

New Skins:
If you go to you'll can download skins. for example the head of Mel Gibson.

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