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How to Level Up Fast in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has finally made it into the hands of eager players around the world, and in the mad dash to reclaim everything that was lost, we’re all looking to level up quickly and efficiently so that the fight can be a fair one. With that said, you’ll have to make sure you spend a good amount of time leveling up your Guardian so you can really pack a wallop wherever you go. There is no magic wand you can wave to immediately gain several levels or anything like that, however, so you’ve got to level up as quickly as you can using the methods available to you in-game.

The bad news? There’s no “fast” way to gain levels, but there are ways to make sure you’re doing everything you need to do in order to get the most experience possible. The good news is there’s a ton of different activities you can take part in, whether you’re flying solo or enlisting the help of friends. With that in mind, here’s how you can level up quickly in Destiny 2.

How to Level Up Fast in Destiny 2

Finish all the Story Missions


This should be a no-brainer, but completing Story Missions is the easiest way to add more EXP to your character. It may be tempting to instead head straight for multiplayer and take on other players, but when you’re just starting out this is something you absolutely want to do. You should be able to at the very least reach level 20 quickly by simply taking part in the missions the game designed for you to finish in order in the first place.

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This isn’t a “quick” process by any means, but since every little bit helps this is something you absolutely want to still do even if it sounds like a waste of time — you’ll want to take in all the story and lore, right? Might as well gain the experience boosts the game metes out automatically.

Take Part in Heroic Events and Adventures


If you’ve played any of Destiny 2’s public events, you know you’ll get a decent amount of EXP for your trouble. However, regular public events can’t hold a candle to Heroic public events, which can pay out some ridiculous EXP for your time. They’re tougher to complete, but you need a lot fewer of them to level up. That’s already a massive time saver on your part, since they add up fast.

It’s the same with Adventures, which cannot be repeated, but will offer several useful additions to your game in terms of narrative and lore. Both are worth your time, if it’s limited, and offer big payouts in terms of EXP, precious as it is.

Complete Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges can be completed once every 24 hours, and you’ll get a variety of different modes to play with if you choose this method to earn quick EXP. It will require you to go to the Crucible to complete game modes, so make sure you before you head over you take note of which icons via the Destiny planet have the words “Bonus XP” by them. Make sure to play this particular mode as much as you can for the next 24 hours so you’ll be able to soak up that sweet, sweet extra EXP.

Complete Bounties


You’ll need to play until you reach level 6 to unlock Bounties, but once you do you’ll be able to earn them as rewards for finishing challenges as you play. You’ll be able to access them in the Tower and collect your rewards there as well, such as killing X number of enemies and so on. Look for the bounty board and you can view and execute Bounties there.

You can choose from Crucible or Vanguard Bounties, and each list of challenges will change ever 24 hours, so you shouldn’t run out of things to do. You could potentially make thousands of points of EXP with a single Bounty, so they can be extremely lucrative for farming additional EXP, and that’s the name of the game.