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How Xur Has Changed in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will see you going up against waves upon waves of baddies sent to you from Ghaul and the Red Legion, so you’ll need some help in terms of gear and and other goodies. That’s where one important character comes in: Xur. The elusive merchant appears in Destiny 2 on the weekends to peddle his Exotic wares, and you’ll definitely want to make sure you pencil in some time to seek him out here and there.

But keep in mind that certain things have changed with Xur from Destiny to Destiny 2, however, and while the shadowy merchant is still keen on selling you some seriously amazing gear, he’s going to be doing it a little differently than he did in the past. Here’s everything you need to know about how Xur has changed in Destiny 2.

Where will Xur appear in Destiny 2?


Previously in Destiny, Xur would appear in public areas. Now, in Destiny 2, he’s poised to start showing up at random on any of the worlds. You’ll have to search around for him if you want to run into him, as he will no longer be in a fixed location. Seeking Xur out, however, will be something you’ll definitely want to spend time on if you want to get some very special gear, however. Given that his wares will be pretty expensive, this makes finding him and buying up some of his goods a more hallowed event, especially since you’ll have to spend more of your currency on his items.

Xur won’t make his first appearance in Destiny 2 until September 15, so you’ve got plenty of time to wait on him and hone your Xur-tracking skills and save up enough currency to make finding him worth your while. His exact location won’t be spelled out, however, so make sure you’re ready to spend a little while seeking him out. Alternatively, you could get with other players who have already found him on social media or in your clan to figure out where he’s going to be.

What kind of currency do I need to spend with Xur in Destiny 2?

In the original Destiny, Xur would take Strange Coins as currency. Destiny 2 does not feature any Strange Coins and instead Xur takes Legendary Shards as currency. You can acquire these by taking apart your Exotic weapons and Legendary weaopns as well, which will supply you with plenty of “cash” so you can buy what you need. Since Xur hasn’t made his first appearance in-game just yet, it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of prices you’ll be dealing with.

Make sure you only get rid of items you’re not using or plan on dismantling in the first place, and keep in mind that any items used purely for aesthetic purposes don’t count when it comes to acquiring additional Legendary Shards.

Since we haven’t been able to run into Xur just yet in the confines of Destiny 2, these are the biggest changes we can currently report on as far as how the popular trader character has changed. Make sure to check back with us at GameRevolution for additional Destiny 2 coverage.