Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland PS2 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Every cheat in the game!!!

uronfire - unlimited special
2them00n - moon gravity
grindxpert - perfect grind/stall
2wheels! - perfect manual
help1nghand - get mindy for free skate
h!char!de - perfect skitch
sirius-dj - jason ellis for freeskate
wiresnsk8 - robot tony hawk for freeskate

Perfect Grind:
Enter grindXpert as a cheat code.

Perfect Manual:
Enter 2wheels! as a cheat code.

Perfect Skitch:
Enter h!tchar!de as a cheat code.

Always Special:
Enter uronfire as a cheat code.

Moon Gravity:
Enter 2them00n as a cheat code. And those are zeros, not o's.

Unlock Mat Hoffman:
Enter the_condor as a cheat code.

Unlock Mindy:
Enter help1nghand as a cheat code.

Unlock Jason Ellis:
Enter sirius_dj as a cheat code.

Cheat Modes:
To unlock Always Special, Moon Gravity, Perfect Rail, Perfect Manual, and Perfect Skitch, get 100% gap completion in every level.

Complete the following objectives for the corresponding unlockable:

Get 100% completion in Story mode Play as Baller
 Play as Camera Guy
 Play as Cholo
 Play as Boone in Briefs
 Play as Welder
 Bails N' Burns 2 movie
Beat Story mode under easy difficulty Play as Mindy
 Play as Robot Tony
Beat Story mode under normal difficulty Play as Iggy
 Play as Jason Ellis
 Play as Little John
 Final Movie
Beat Story mode under hard/sick difficulty Play as Jimbo
 Play as Mega
 Play as Murphy
Get 100% completion in Classic mode Play as Downtown Guy
 Play as Graffiti Guy
 Play as Hardhat Guy
 Play as Master Zen
 Dev-Team Skates movie
Get 100% gaps completion Play as Oil Rig Worker
 Play as Performer
 Play as Police Man
Beat Classic mode under normal difficulty Play as Billy Joe
 Play as Boone
 Bails N' Burns 1 movie
Beat Classic mode under hard/sick difficulty Play as Mat Hoffman
 Play as Dave
Complete all Skate Ranch missions Play as Barber
 Play as Carnival Guy
 Play as Downtown Guy
 Play as French Guy

Thanks to Revolution reader 180tofaceplant!