Dementium: The Ward FAQ/ Walkthrough

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Guide Type     - Walk-through
Game Title - Dementium: The Ward
Platform - Nintendo DS
Date submitted - 12-05-07
Version - 1.3
By - obishawn

The guide is now complete. If you feel there is anything
that needs to be added or corrected or anything to that
nature, email me and let me know.

Be sure to give me a name so that I can give you your due

If you feel like you have a better strategy for any of the
boss fights, by all means, send them my way, I will add
them to the guide and give you full credit for it.

I started to make a section for the puzzle solutions but
if you use the search feature, I go into detail about how
to solve the puzzles in the walkthrough.

Some people have stepped up and offered some additional
information in an attempt make this guide more helpful.
Their contribution is book-ended by a line of "******."

At the time of this submission, there is now a Boss Guide
up at and I highly recommend you take a look
at it. Sure, I have covered the bosses in this guide and
some people have now offered their advice which is posted
in each bosses' respective section, but you never know
who will have the one tip that will make your game easier.

And just for fun, there are four movie references in this
guide. See if you can guess which movie each reference
comes from.

(Ctrl-F: movie reference. See the end of the guide for
the answers.)

You may not have read the introduction and you may in fact
be skipping over this part and if you are, well, that's
too bad. A glitch has been discovered that lets you have
the zooming function of a sniper rifle with any of the

Equip the sniper rifle once it is out of ammo. Begin
firing the gun. While you are firing it, tap on the
weapon you want to use a scope with. And that is all
there is to it!

A big thanks to Chas Brother for submitting that to the
guide. If Chas did discover that, I don't mean to rob
his credit. I had seen it posted on the GameFAQs message
boards once before, but didn't copy the info or remember
how to do it. I don't know who discovered it, but Chas
made me aware of it.


Table of Contents


To easily and quickly find anything in this guide,
simply perform a search and enter the subject as you
see it listed in the Contents, even if it is just the
Roman numerals.

I - Introduction
II - Controls
III - Understanding Both Screens
IV - Weapons
V - Pick-Ups
VI - Enemies
VII - Walkthrough
Chapter 01 - The Admittance
Chapter 02 - The Rooftop
Chapter 03 - The Infant Ward
Chapter 04 - The Cleaver
- Boss 1
Chapter 05 - The Courtyard
Chapter 06 - The Electric Buzz-saw
- Boss 2
Chapter 07 - The Main Security Room
Chapter 08 - The Flashback
- Boss 3
Chapter 09 - The Hole in the Wall
Chapter 10 - The Torn Photograph
Chapter 11 - The Guard Tower
Chapter 12 - The Cleaver's Return
- Boss 4
Chapter 13 - The Door with no Handle
Chapter 14 - The Wheelchair's Return
- Boss 5
Chapter 15 - The First Encounter
Chapter 16 - The Final Encounter
- Boss 6
VIII - FAQ Update History
IX - Credits, Thanks, & Hosts
X - Contact Info




You wake up alone, in the dark, only to find yourself in a
mysterious, derelict hospital that appears to be frozen in

Confronted by the deadly, grotesque surgical experiments
that wander the halls, a series of challenging puzzles and
a cast of peculiar characters, you must face your deepest
fears, unlock the mysteries of the hospital, and escape
with your life.

Things you should know -

- This guide is NOT spoiler free. The are spoilers for
both the plot and the scary moments. If you don't want
either of those ruined, then I do not recommend looking
at the walk-through portion of this guide. If you need
help with puzzles, then perform a search for that
particular puzzle.

- You cannot carry extra ammo with you, only what will
fit in a gun.

- You cannot carry extra health with you either, but you
can usually find just enough lying around, but the
thing is you have to look.

- Enemies usually respawn if you go back into a
previously visited room. From what I've seen, health
and ammo do not.

- Most open closets hold health or ammo. Be sure to check
them when you find them.

- After I guide you to a map, I will then revert to using

North - Up
South - Down
East - Right
West - Left

If we go through a chapter and I didn't guide you to a
map that is because there either wasn't one or I just
couldn't find it and believe me, I searched quite


II - Controls


This guide is based on the default control setting, which
is Type1 1 and caters to right handed folks.

TYPE 1 (Right handed) -

D-pad Up - Walk forward, double-tap and hold to run
D-pad down - Back up
D-pad left & right - Strafe

L Shoulder Button - Use weapon

R Shoulder Button - Toggle between the flashlight and the
previous weapon

Start - Options menu

Touch Screen - Look & turn, aim, examine, take and use
objects, change weapons, access the notepad,
map, items and options

TYPE 2 (Left handed) -

X - Walk forward, double-tap and hold to run
B - Back up
Y - Strafe left
A - Strafe right

L Shoulder Button - Toggle between the flashlight and the
previous weapon

R Shoulder Button - Use weapon

Start - Options menu

Touch Screen - Look & turn, aim, examine, take and use
objects, change weapons, access the notepad,
map, items and options


III - Understanding Both Screens


Top Screen -

Sight - Used for aiming your currently equipped weapon
Ammo - Displays the remaining ammunition for the weapon
currently equipped

Bottom Screen -

Notepad - Once acquirred, use it to keep notes

Action window - As you encounter objects the actions you
can take appear here. Touch here to perform
the action.

Map - Tap to view the map. A map can only be
view once it is found.

- White arrow is your current position.
- Yellow doors are doors you have entered.
- Red doors are locked.

Heart Monitor - Displays your health condition.

- Green = good health
- Yellow = slightly wounded
- Red = critically wounded

Items - Store, access, and use your items.

Health - Displays your current health. You have
ten green dots indicating your remaining

Options - Go to the options menu.

- Control Type - Choose between a right
or left handed control

- Y Axis Invert - Set your axis preference.

- Brightness - Choose between three levels
of brightness.

- Heartbeat - During the game, you can hear
your heart beating, here you
control the volume.

- Music - Choose between 3 volume levels
of sound.

- Quit - Allows you to save your game and

Weapon Icons - Tap a slot to equip a weapon in your



Flashlight - Chapter 1: The Admittance

While not a true weapon, it is placed among the weapons on
the touch screen. Its primary use is to obviously light
your path but it can also be used to deter the roaches!

Nightstick - Chapter 1: The Admittance

Some guard was nice enough to die and leave this behind.
It is your basic melee weapon and used as a fallback
option when the ammo is too low.

Pistol - Chapter 2: The Rooftop

A standard 9mm handgun with a 24 round clip. Not terribly
powerful, but is better than the nightstick in that you
can defend yourself from a distance.

Shotgun - Chapter 4: The Cleaver

A weapon that packs a punch. Much better than the pistol,
the shotgun can hold 16 shells.

Electric buzz-saw - Chapter 6 - The Electric Buzz-saw

It is a close range weapon and it makes a lot of noise
but it will also make short work of whatever gets in your
way. Just hold the attack button down for continuous use.
You can now officially retire the nightstick.

Machinegun - Chapter 07 - The Main Security Room

An automatic that packs a punch, literally. Watch that
it doesn't kick you back too far when you use it.

.357 revolver - Chapter 09 - The Hole in the Wall

Slow but powerful.

Sniper Rifle - Chapter 11 - The Guard Tower

Equip the sniper rifle to use it. UP and down on the D-pad
lets you zoom in and out, L fires. It can hold up to 16
rounds of ammo. The gun comes equipped with a nightvision



Health -

A bottle of pills that will replenish two green health
dots per bottle.

9mm Ammo -

Bullets for the handgun. One box provides 8 rounds.

Shotgun Ammo -

Shells for the shotgun.

Machinegun Ammo -

Rounds for the machinegun. One clip provides ten rounds.

Magnum ammo -

Rounds for the .357 revolver. One box holds 6 rounds.

Sniper Ammo -

Rounds for the sniper rifle. One box contains 4 rounds.



The following is the list of enemies in the game. I will
try to detail characteristics and strategies for killing

If there are official names for these guys, I am unaware,
but I will describe them the best I can so you will know
exactly which enemy I'm talking about.

Freaks -

These are the first enemies you encounter, and you will
encounter many more before the game is over. They are
humanoid with an exposed heart. Target the heart when you
fight these since that is its weak spot.

I call these guys freaks in stead of zombies because to me
they really don't classify as your stereotypical zombie.
These guys are more akin to the infected in the 28
Days/Weeks Later movies. They don't want to eat you, they
just want to kill you. Isn't that nice of 'em?

Roaches -

Not terribly formidable, but numerous. Keep your distance
if possible. The flashlight can be used to drive them
away from you.

Worms -

You first see these in Chapter 3 - The Infant Ward. They
usually come from the duct work. Don't waste too much
ammo on these things as they usually can be ran past.

Banshees -

Holy terrors. You are not equipped to properly fight the
banshees when you first encounter them. These things are
the flying heads that scream as they patrol which ever
room they are in. I suggest running from them until you
get your hands on the buzzsaw.

Crawlers -

These are like the freaks in that they too are humanoid,
but these guys have no legs. They are the evil version of
Lt. Dan. They can crawl on floors, walls or ceilings, so
be sure to check every where in the rooms where you hear
them scream.

Be careful when fighting them though. If you blast their
heads off, their torsos will continue to spout green
fluid at you. Attack with something fast and powerful and
preferably from a distance. The buzzsaw is generally
ineffective against them.

Flying insects -

The polar opposites of the roaches. Like the roaches,
they move en mass, but in stead of being driven away by
the flashlight, they are drawn to it. Be sure to shut it
off when you are near them.

Green worms -

These are like the regular worms but they are harder to


Cleaver -

One hand is a meat cleaver, the other has a syringe. He
will hit you with the cleaver to injure and stun you and
shoot some kind of fluid at you from a distance with the

Gatlingun Wheelchair Guy -

He likes to keep his distance, so if you get too close, he
will flee from you. Don't let him get still though, once
he does, he will ready his gatlin gun and fire at you.

Green Mouth Room -

Such a creepy room. Several mouths are positioned on the
walls, emitting some foul green fluid and generating
green worms.

Boss 6 -

I don't want to spoil this for you . . .


Dementium: The Ward Walkthrough

CHAPTER 1 - The Admittance


Once you have control, follow the on-screen prompts. This
first Chapter acts as a tutorial, yet it is still a part
of the story. The controls are covered in a previous
portion of this guide and as you play the game you will be
instructed as well, so I will not go over them in the
walkthrough unless it seems necessary.

Do what the screen says and get adjusted to the controls.
Take a look around the room. Notice the osculating fan in
the corner? The rain outside the windows? The way the
room slights up from the lightning flashes? How about that
music? This game has set a nice, dark atmosphere.

Look around the room until you find the hallway. Proceed
towards the door. Stop to check out the flashing thing on
the floor, it is the notepad. This will come in handy in
just a minute. Head out of the door.

Now you are in the hallway, it is dark and there is an
announcement saying to evacuate the building. Explore all
you want, but there are only so many places you can go
right now, all the doors are locked. Notice the clipboard
hanging by the door to the room you just came out of?

Turn right and head down the hallway. Examine the news-
paper on the floor. "Man brutally murders wife?" The
notepad said, "Why did you do it?" Are both of these
referring to you?

Just past the newspaper is a room on the right, go in. On
the wall is a number written in blood, "081399," better
mark it down on your notepad, it might come in handy later.
Head back to the hallway.

Turn right and go straight. What the crap was that!?!
The blood trail begins in the room with the number. The
clipboard doesn't have a name for her.

Make a left turn and proceed down the hallway. Notice the
flashing object on the cart? It's a flashlight! Nice!
Tap it on the screen to equip it and use the L shoulder
button to turn it on or off. Don't worry about battery
life, they won't run out.

There is nothing behind the counter, so make a left and
head towards the red door. There is a keypad, try entering
the code you found scribbled on the wall.

An alarm and a dead guy, this doesn't bode well. Look past
the dead guy, it is a nightstick. Finally, something to
defend yourself with!

Take a look in the room to the left, inside you will find
the 7th floor map! Now you can get an idea of where you
are at and where you are going.

Look past the computer monitors, in that cage. SHOTGUN!!
Damn! It's locked.

Head back out into the hallway and follow the path. As it
makes a right turn, you will hear a new noise, doesn't
sound too friendly. Use the R shoulder button to quickly
switch between the flashlight and nightstick.

Ease forward and look in the closets in the hall. What the
hell is that thing? Beat it down with the nightstick, be
quick or you will take some damage. Or, you could just
run right past it. It will chase you for a bit, but you
should be able to out run it.

Continue down the hall. As it turns to the left, there
will be a closet directly in front of you, look inside for
some health pickups. Continue down the hallway.

To your left are some restrooms and to your right the
Patient Ward. There is a message written on the men's
restroom mirror. I don't recommend entering the women's
restroom. Huh, I wonder if curiosity will get the better
of you... From the hallway, open the door to the Patient

As you make your way through the room, you notice the dead
bodies scattered about. Listen for that creepy breathing
noise the freaky guys make. If you hear it, one of them
rose from the floor and is about to attack you. For best
results, just run through this room to the other side and
through the door. If you want to though, you may find it
safer to approach the bodies on the floor and begin
beating with the nightstick.

In the next room, you can find some health pick-ups behind
the counter, but that is all there is here, keep going.

After you enter the next room, roaches will come out and
attack you. you can't defeat them, so just run past them
(double-tap up on the D-pad) or you can use the flashlight
to drive them back into the shadows. After entering the
room, turn left. At the end of the hallway the path is
blocked, so head through the doors.

It's a stairwell. Can't go down, so proceed upwards.
There's a sign saying "ROOF ACCESS." When you reach the
top of the stairs, you will be at the door leading to the
roof, step outside.


CHAPTER 2 - The Rooftop


Great, rain. Follow the path and as you round the corner
you will probably hear more freaks climbing over the fence.
The chances of you getting ambushed and out numbered are
pretty good here, so I recommend just running. Sure, you
will probably take a little bit of damage, but it won't be
near as bad as fighting the bad guys. Once your reach the
part where the path way declines, the enemies won't chase
you past that.


Tip provided by: eric

Roof—the reason I am emailing is to point out the you
don’t have to run thru the roof—it is safer but you can
take those guys out when they climb up no problem

All you have to do is walk and when you hear them just
turn to face them with the night stick and head in
swinging—you can actual connect while they are still
climbing and get a good hit or two in before they have
time to face you—in all I think there was three climbers
and I got hit once—its not perfect like the pistol kills
but if you don’t want to just run but rather fight this
is effective-- eric


As you proceed across the roof top, you will see a trail
of blood. It is difficult to tell if it is leading to or
coming from the small building to the left, but take your
chances and enter it anyway.

Let this be a reminder to you to always watch your back.
Look! That guy dropped his pistol! Get it! That's much
better than the nightstick! Don't just shoot the freak,
aim for his exposed heart, that is his weak spot. Obi-wan
would be proud! Before you leave, check the back of the
room for some more ammo and a few pill bottles.

After you finish up in this room, head back out on the
rooftop and follow the blood trail. I still recommend
running to the next door. Again, you may get attacked a
time or two, but just keep running. You will see a
solitary freak in the path ahead of you. Quickly dispatch
him with your pistol then enter the door. If you somehow
got turned around , just remember to follow the blood

Another stairwell. There are three bottles of pills in
the corner on the floor to replenish any health you may
have lost, but be quick! As you approach the steps leading
down, you'll face roaches once again. Just run downstairs.

Ignore the first set of double doors, running past them to
the second set of double doors. You can't go any further
down, the path is blocked. Step through the double doors.


CHAPTER 3 - The Infant Ward


There's that little girl you saw earlier. Where'd she run
off to?

Damn, more creepy hallways. Watch out as you begin walking
down the corridor. A freak will burst out of the first
room to the right. Look at the clipboard on the wall,
"Jools Watsham." You just killed Jools, the lead guy of
Renegade Kid, the producers of this game! Good thing he
completed the game before you off'ed him.

Inside Jools' room you will find some ammo, grab it if you
need it.

Back out in the hallway, across from Jools' room is the
room of Greg Hargrove, Jools' partner (in the non-gay way).
As a matter-of-fact, all of the clipboards in this hallway
bear the names of the guys that helped to get this game
made, see the back of the games booklet for more info.

As you make your way down the corridor, you will get
ambushed two more times. After dispatching the freaks,
raid their rooms for extra ammo.

The path to the left is the way that little girl ran to.
You can hear her crying, but the path is blocked. Go
through the double doors at the end of the hall.

An operating room. There is some health to the right on
the counter. Go through the door on the left wall, you
know, the one with blood all over it, not the nice, clean,
safe-looking door (its locked anyway).

Before you move into range and the freaks become aware of
you; there are health pick-ups in the open closets. You
cannot enter the door directly across from you, and the
left path is blocked. Either kill or run past the freak
and go right and through the door.

You just stepped into a hallway that looks like a waiting
room. Notice the yellow door to your left? We'll be
coming back here in a minute. For now though, go right
and into the waiting area. On the first chair you come to
you will find the map for this floor. Continue down the
corridor. At the end will be a freak aimlessly pacing the
floor. I suggest ignoring him and running to the door on
the left.

Proceed through the hallway. There will be a freak in a
closet to the right, but he is easily bypassed. Wait!
Look in the incubators! What the hell? Those certainly
aren't human babies. Keep going down the hallway, ignoring
the door on the right, it is locked, round the corner and
step through the door.

Head right. The closet on the right has some ammo. There
are some more of those worm things, keep going. At the end
of the hall will be a door with a picture of a rainbow
some kid colored. Before you step through the door, look
at the chair just to the right. On it is a book, examine
it. It is a piano book with this image:

C# D# F# G# A#
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| C | D | E | F | G | A | B |
| | | | | | | |

Now, step into the room. In here you will find health and
ammo, take what you need. In the back of the room is a
small piano with the word "DEAD" written on the wall above
it. Is it a trap? One way to find out! Examine the piano
and play the notes D,E,A,D. Look, the top of the piano
opened! Check inside. You got a keycard. Cool. This is
what you need to go through the yellow doors like you saw

Backtrack to the door I said to remember. The worms will
burst out of the incubators and attack you. They crawl
along the floor and walls as they approach. Treat them
like the Flood in Halo, fire at them while retreating.

For now though, I recommend just running. Once you step
through the yellow door, you should find enough health to
replace what you may have lost. This will also reserve
your ammo.

After stepping through the yellow door, check the security
room to the right for some ammo and that health I told you

Proceed down the corridor. After it turns to the right,
you will see the path ahead blocked off, so keep following
the open path. Check the closets for pick-ups and keep
your ears open for freaks. You can actually run past them
if that is your preferred method.

Look at your map, this area makes a "figure 8," only
square, like on a digital clock. You need to get to the
yellow door on the other side of the blockage.

__S___ __*__ _____ |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| |____| |____| |

"S" is where you started from. "*" is the blockage. And
"Y" is the yellow door. Once you turn right at the
blockage you can take either way to get to the door.

After stepping through the yellow door, you will see some
ammo ahead of you. Don't grab it just yet. As you round
the corner worms will drop from the air conditioning
duct-work. Take them out with the pistol, then replenish
your ammo. As you go down the hall, there will be a couple
of freaks in the closets, either kill them or run past
them. Step through the next yellow door.

You will have to do some fighting in this hallway. Behind
the counter is some ammo, but don't get it yet unless you
absolutely need it. Turn to face the hallway.

If you try to run, towards the end of the hall, worms will
drop out of the duct-work again, and this time they will
hit you and slow you down, which will give the freaks you
just evaded the time they need to catch up with you and
join the attack. Slowly make your way down the hall,
taking the enemies out one at a time and picking up the
pick-ups as you go. After you clear the hall of nasties,
go back and get the ammo if you left it there, then exit
the door at the end of the hall.

As soon as you enter this small room, worms will drop out
of the duct-work like before. Just run past them to the
double doors directly in font of you.

You are in a Patient Ward like you saw in Chapter 1, this
time, it is a haven - no enemies and some recovery items!
Before you go through the double doors at the other end of
the Ward, equip your pistol. Enter the next room with your
pistol in hand, not your flashlight.

Quickly take out the freak, now the room is secured. You
can find some ammo in the corner of the room. Go out the
glass double doors.

You are in a skywalk. There are two flying enemies just
ahead that will soon notice you and begin attack you. It
takes 6 bullets to put one of these guys down, so unless
you are a really good shot, firing at them is a waste of
time and ammo, and even a waste of life. I died several
times trying to fight my way past them. So, as you no
doubt have guessed, I recommend running for your dear
sweet life!

Run past them and take the path to the right.


Tip provided by: Xieyi21

I managed to found out another way to take care of the
banshees that you had specified

Jus need to equip with the pistol and when you hear them
coming then shoot straight at their face for about 5 to 6
rounds, they will then escape away. They will not come
back for a while makes it easier to walk pass the area
without getting hurt by running away by them

hope them helps in your walkthrough.


If you managed to kill the flying monstrosities, take your
time and in stead of going to the right, go straight. Sure,
the path has been destroyed, but with the flashlight
equipped, you will be able to see that you are in fact on
a skywalk, connecting two buildings and that there are 7

After exiting to the right, you will be in a long,
straight pathway. Here you will find recovery items and
chances are, you will need them. Make sure your health is
as good as you can get it before you go through the doors
at the end of the walkway.

There are two more flying banshees here. What ever you do,
make sure you turn left. The path to the right is a dead
end, and quite literally. So run to the left and go
through the doors.


CHAPTER 4 - The Cleaver


Make your way down the corridor. What is it about a little
girl singing that is so damn eerie? The first path to the
right holds some ammo and behind the counter is some more
ammo and health.

Proceed down the path across from the counter. There is
that girl again! Why did is point? Keep going. Worms
will pop out of the sidewall vents and from an overhead
vent. Deal with them and go through the door.

To your right, on top of a cart is the map. You can either
go straight or take a left. Both lead to the same place
but I find the left path to be easier. Which ever way you
take, go slow and easy and take the enemies out as quickly
as possible.

If you went straight, it connects to the left path, so
once you are in that hallway, turn right. If you took the
left door in the room where you found the map, just keep
going straight. Round the corner to the left at the end
of the hall, and keep going to the exit.

You are now in a morgue. There are dead bodies and roaches
every where. Don't worry, these dead guys will not rise
to attack you. You can find some recovery items in the
closets and once you are done, exit the door at the other
end of the room.

You are in another area with a security room. Check inside
for anything you can salvage. There is a piece of paper
on the counter top, it reads:

Perhaps you seek the truth
The truth is all lies
Purloined of their youth
Count the dead men's eyes

. . . Ok? Probably some weird "artsy-fartys" guy wrote
that. Anyway. Look, there is another cabinet with a
shotgun inside. Examine it. Whoa! There is a combination
lock, but what is the combination? Maybe that poem had
the answer.

Perhaps you seek the truth
The truth is all lies
Purloined of their youth
Count the dead men's eyes

No numbers in it, but it said to count the dead mens eyes.
What dead men? Those you saw in the morgue? Give it a try.
Go back and count the dead guys and then enter the number
of eyes to unlock the cabinet.

The answer is:


SWEET! Now you've got a shotgun! Now you can step through
that yellow door and deal with anything!

Make your way down the hall. Watch out! This freak spits
at you! Now they attack from a distance too!?!

Take the wooden door on your right, the path ahead is
locked and blocked.

In the room past the wooden door, you'll find some shotgun
and pistol ammo. Part of the wall has been busted down,
that is your pathway. Run to the right and go through the
door at the end.

What is that sound? Scraping? Metal on metal? Maybe some
one sharpening something? Check the closets for pick-ups,
then go through the clean door.

The path ahead is blocked, so take the only other option.

Up ahead is another blood trail, follow it to the right.
Before you go through the double doors, take the path to
the right. At the end, you will find some very valuable
pick-ups. After you get them, go through the double doors.

BOSS 1 -

Ok, that thing doesn't look too friendly and it is coming
your way. Hit it with your shotgun. It will try to squirt
some kind of fluid at you, so side step it.

Your shotgun blasts will hurt it, but it will still
probably run up to you and hit you. You will fall to the
ground a bit stunned. The Cleaver will walk away from you.

Use this time to recover and get into a better firing
position. Continue the pattern of firing and retreating
and dodging his attacks when you can. Also watch out for
worms that will be in the room.

Once he falls, follow the blood trail out the other end of
the room.


The following boss tip provided by: XenomorphNL

boss 1: the cleaver.

your hit and run technique is good, used it myself as well
when i first encountered the cleaver.

but instead of firing your shotgun-shells into his body,
its better to fire them to his mouth. the damage will be
much greater in that way!


Ahead of you is some health, grab it then step into the
elevator. Approach the buttons and "Use" them. Touch the
flashing button.


CHAPTER 5 - The Courtyard


Head out of the elevator, down the hall and through the

Cool, you're outside, no more creepy hallways. Go down
the steps. Is that Jane Doe from earlier? So she didn't
get chopped up! She dropped a key, go get it.

Before you head down the steps, there is a door to your
left. It is unlocked and leads to the roof of that small
building. Once you reach the top, you will find a door
with a keypad. The code you found earlier will not work
here, you'll have to find another.

Back in the courtyard, go down the steps and through the
iron gate.

You are in another courtyard. At the top of the steps,
stop and look to the left. You will see a set of double
glass doors, double wooden doors, and a single metal door.

Go in the single metal door. Another stairwell to the
roof. Check it out.

On the rooftop, there is another door with a keypad and
you still don't have the code. But look at your feet,
there is a picture of a woman with the number 31
scratched into it. "31" isn't the code for the door
either. Head back down to the courtyard.

The double glass doors looks like they lead back into the
hospital, so let's try the wooden doors.

It is a chapel. To your left is a book with the original
title scratched out and "3rd Floor West Building" written
beneath it. You don't know what this means yet, but keep
it filed in the back of your mind. You may even want to
write that down in the notepad.

Head up the isle and look in the first pew on your left,
another book. Its title has been scratched out too with
Guard Tower written beneath it.

Go up and behind the pulpit. There is an open photo album
with a picture missing. The part of the picture you found
earlier fits there, but it seems there are two missing
parts. You'll have to return here once the others are
located to complete the image.

Head back out to the courtyard and through the double
glass doors.

Go around the corner and head towards the elevator. There
is another part of that picture here on the floor. After
taking in picture, set into the elevator, approach the
control panel and press the flashing button.


CHAPTER 6 - The Electric Buzz-saw


Step off the elevator. The path is blocked on all sides
except the left path. If you look past the blockade to
the right, you will see a yellow door. You can't reach it
yet though. Turn to the left and be sure to snag the map
off of the table.

In this room, there are two yellow doors that lead to the
right. It doesn't matter which you take, they both lead
to the same place. There is health scattered around the
room. Once you are finished scavenging the room, go to
the yellow door in the south west corner of the room.

Across the hall is a wooden door, quickly enter to avoid
the worms. Inside is a briefcase but you need three keys
to open it. Look around the rest of the room. On the desk
is what looks like a journal entry. Just who are the
different pronouns referring to?

On the floor is another journal entry. Experiments? Think
it is referring to the monsters you've been fighting? If
so, then what do you think it is talking about in
reference to the cures? Cures for what? And who is this

Go in the restroom and look by the sink, another entry.

Step out of the restroom and you will see another note on
the chair. It mentions a bronze key, possibly one of the
keys needed to open that briefcase. Might want to check
the men's room by the staff lounge.

Go through the busted wall. On the restroom flood is
another note, this one about the silver key. So, we need
to look for the office near the central walkway.

Look at all of the blood in that last stall. Either some
one got killed on the pot or ate some really bad Taco Bell.
Exit the restroom through the main door (not through the
broken wall).

You will encounter a new enemy here. These humanoids
with no legs, just torso, will come crawling at you, and
will spit at you when in range. After you deal with the
three crawlers, go left (west on the map). Peek into the
open rooms to look for health or ammo, then go through the
double doors at the end of the hall.

You are in a stairwell, go down. It is blocked, but there
lies the golden key! The way upstairs has been blocked as
well, so head back out into the 5th floor hallway.

Defeat the crawlers again, then go straight and through
the double doors marked "Staff Only."

Grab health from the closet if you need it then step
through the yellow door.

Turn left and go through that yellow door.

The security room has plenty of ammo, make sure to max out
your guns, then go through the white door.

We don't know where the staff lounge is yet, but the
central walkway is down the hall to your right.

You are back in the room that the elevator is in, this
time you are on the other side of the blockage. A look
around this rooms reveals it to be a dead end, though you
can find recovery items in the closets. Once you are
through here, exit the north west door.

There are worms, but you can avoid them. Go through the
door directly across from you.

Go straight then hang a right at the end of this hall.
Follow it around to the next junction. You will see some
double doors in front of you and a single door to your
left. Take the double doors, they are marked "Lounge."
This sounds like one of the places we want to be.

Avoid the roaches and go left. Step through the double
doors at the end of the south end of the lounge.

Ah, a men's room and a lady's room. The note for the
bronze key said to check the men's room. Watch out for
the roaches and check the middle stall. You now have the
gold and bronze keys. One more to go. If the roaches
hurt you, check the lady's room for some health, then go
back into the lounge.

Shoot straight across the lounge and through the north
exit double doors. The flying bugs in this room are drawn
to your flashlight. Quickly shut it off to avoid taking
damage. Make your way to the other door.

The path to the left leads to a stairwell, but there is a
blockade set up. You can find some recovery items though.

Watch out for crawlers. When the hall branches left or
right, go left and through the yellow door. The right
path is a dead end.

Simply run through this room, avoiding the worms, to the
other end.

Straight ahead is a dead end, blocked off. The wooden
door to your right leads to pick-ups. Once you are
finished gathering goodies, head to the east across from
the wooden door.


This guy may be handicapped but he can still kick your ass.
Look at your map. Use the path of the outer perimeter to
approach the gatlin-gun-wheel-chair-guy.

As soon as the cut scene is over, dash to the right and
make your way to him. he sees that you ware getting too
close, so he will flee from you. Chase him down, firing
as often as you can. Only use the flashlight it he gets
far from you. There is enough light when you are within

When he gets far away enough from you, he will turn to
face you and start shooting. When he does, take the path
around the outside again to get close to him.

Repeat the process of cat-and-mouse and sneaking around to
his side, firing off a round as often as you can. Once
he is down, orenintate yourself by looking at the map and
take the east exit.


The following boss tip provided by: XenomorphNL

boss 2:

mister "i'm-handicapped-but-i'll-shoot-yer-eye-out".

multiple times i've tried to find the weak spot of this
boss, but now í've got it:

you might want to try this:

]* [
] [
] [
] [
--------- ------------
--------- ------------
] [
] [
] [

the way you walk: >/<

run up and down the hallway, so that he fires his gun
empty on you. when you've done this 3/2 times or so,
he'll reload. then run to him and start shooting 1 bullet.
íf you hit him he'll get hit, and after that he'll start
reloading again. so he can't drive away when you
approach. then you'll be standing in front of him. guess
what comes next? yup, a nice and clean headshot! use this
technique until he's dead.

- XenomorphNL


The following boss tip provided by: Ron W


You start in the room like this:
^ - you
* - enemy

_____| |_____
| |
| ___* ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
| ___ ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
|_____ _____|
|^ |

You want to get yourself into a position like this:

_____| |_____
| |
| ___* ___ |
| >| | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
| ___ ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
|_____ _____|
| |

or this:

_____| |_____
| |
| ___* ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| ^ |
| ___ ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
|_____ _____|
| |

Basically positioning yourself close enough so that he
tries to shoot at you, but behind the wall where his shots
won't hit you.

Make sure you are not too far away, like this:

_____| |_____
| |
| ___* ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| |
| ___ ___ |
| | | | | |
| |_| |_| |
| ^ |
|_____ _____|
| |

or he won't shoot at you.

After five bursts of gunfire, he will begin reloading.
That is your chance to run up to him and unload one
shotgun blast to his head. Only one though because you
cannot hurt him while he is still flashing red from the
first shot, so any other shots are wasted.

From there, he will ride off to another intersection,
and you begin the process again.

- Ron W


After exiting through the east door, the way to the left
is blocked. So head down the hallway to the wooden door
at the end.

This is the office near the walkway that the one note
referred to. Grab whatever health and ammo you may need
and look in the restroom to find the silver key near the

Step back out into the hallway. Now ask yourself, do I
really want to backtrack all the way to that briefcase?
Because if you don't, the exit to CHAPTER 7 is just up
ahead. If you want to back track, then read on, if not,
then skip ahead to the triple asterisk (***). But it is
well worth the effort to look in the briefcase.

Use your map to find your way back to the briefcase. The
yellow doors are the opened paths that you can take. It
really isn't as confusing as it may seem. Return to and
pass through the Staff Lounge. In the Lounge, take the door
in the middle of the room.

Once you get to the very center of the mp, head south to
the next intersetion. Go west through the door and you
will see the lady's room to your left.

Go back through the hole in the wall and into the office.
Locate the briefcase and open it. you now have the
electric buzz-saw!

Now make your way back to the office where you got the
silver key, well, not to the office, but that hallway.


Go through the yellow door. You are back in the room with
the elevator, but you cannot go far. Take the double glass
doors to your left.

You are on another skywalk and there are two screaming
banshee that will soon be on you. You have a shotgun this
time and it only takes two direct hits to kill them or you
could just run. Either way, take the left exit, the part
of the skywalk that heads north. After you step through
the doors, it is quite safe. Go to the left and through
the double doors to find recovery items. Once you have
your fill, go back to the skywalk and take the double
doors at the north east part of the map.


CHAPTER 7 - The Main Security Room


You are in some sort of lobby. To your right are some
restrooms. The lady's room is empty and surprisingly NOT
bloody. There is some health pick-ups in the men's room
but you probably won't need them.

Go through the double doors.

You are in some kind of shopping area. The first set of
doors to your right are locked. Go into the next room on
the right. On the bottom of the shelf to your left is the
5th floor map. Ignore the door in the back for now.

The last store on the right is Deuncil Drug where you can
find some health.

I do not recommend going east through the double doors.
That path is the long way to the same hallway you will
reach by going through the back door of the room where you
found the map.

I have gone east and it simply isn't worth the time,
health, or ammo. there are no other paths to take (after
going east) or things to get other than health and ammo.

Go back to the room where you found the map and exit
through the door in the back. You are a some storage room.
Go deeper into the room, passing through the hole in the
wall and out the door leading south.

There are crawlers in this hallway. They seem to stay just
out of range of the buzzsaw, so switch to the shotgun.

The path leading east will just bring you back to the
double doors in front of Deuncil Drug, so do not go that
way. Turn to the right (west) and through the door.

There is nothing in either of the restrooms, so just go
through the yellow door.

Looking at your map, there are two exits to this room, one
to the east and one to the south, go south.

Just ahead are some red double doors marked Security and
locked with a keypad. You don't have the combination, but
a poem to the right of the door reads:

A dead end is not what you've found
Instead a riddle you may have missed
Take some time to look around
Someone's office may have the list

Ok, so this gives us a goal; find an office and look for
the combination. Look at your map. The map shows five
offices on the south east section of the building. We're
going to head east down the hallway.

Towards the end, it will branch off to the left, go
straight through the white door.

Don't bother with the wooden door here, it is locked,
just keep going.

The path in front of you is blocked, so head east. The
hallway is shaped like a backwards "L." Round the corner
and head north until you see a wooden door on the left,
go in.

On a chair in front of you is a note that reads:

1. Wooden Chairs
2. Paintings
3. Computer Monitor
4. Clock
5. Trash Cans
6. Newspaper Pages

Look around the room and count how many you see of each
item on the list.

1. Wooden Chairs - 3
2. Paintings - 2
3. Computer Monitor - 1
4. Clock - 1
5. Trash Cans - 2
6. Newspaper Pages - 3

There's your code, 321123

Go back out into the hallway. All other paths are locked
or blocked, so use your map and go back to the security
doors. Enter the code then step through the doors.

Head to the right and check the cabinets. Booya! "Now I
have a machinegun. Ho ho ho." "Say hello to my little
friend!" (Two Movie References)

Search the room for more machinegun ammo, then exit the
room through either door heading south.

You'll be in a hallway with some worms. Deal with them
as you see fit then exit through the door at the end of
the hall.

The door to the left (north) is locked so just keep going
through the wooden door.

Look at your map. The room on the south east corner is
locked, so don't bother running over there. Head north up
the hallway. If you need some health, the double doors to
the right (east) leads to a blocked off stairwell, but
there are some health pick ups here.

Continue north up the hallway and exit through the white

All of the doors are locked. One office to the right is
open and holds some shotgun ammo, only go after it if you
need it, otherwise, just run to the yellow door.

You are now in the Cafeteria. Look at your map. The north
exit leads to a stairwell, that is your destination. You
can explore the cafeteria if you like but there is nothing
to find.

In the stairwell, the path up is blocked, so obviously,
go down. Exit to the 4th floor.


CHAPTER 8 - The Flashback


Directly ahead of you is an old gramophone, examine it.
It seems to still work.

The clean door to the left is locked, so take the bloody

Here is a new enemy, a green worm. There is nothing in
this room, so run across it to the double doors.

This room doesn't have anything either. Just make your
way through the mess of beds and out the door on the other

The wooden door is locked, so take the bloody door to the

Take the first door on the left, all others are locked or

Watch out for the crawlers, then exit the double doors.

Go down the hallway. On the left, in a chair, is the
gramophone record, take it. Then keep going past the chair
and around the corner to the left. Step through the door.

Take out the crawlers then go through the bloody door.

The door in front of you is locked, so go out the right

You are back in the room with the beds, go right through
the double doors.

Run straight across the room and through the doors.

Place the record on the gramophone. Is this the flashback?
There is Jane Doe again and the little girl. Just what
are we seeing here?

You can now go through the door across from the gramophone.

BOSS 3 -

On the walls and ceiling are mouth-like things that spew
forth worms. Attack each mouth until it stops pulsating,
it will also not produce any more worms. As you attack a
mouth, it will flash red. After you destroy it, it will
fade to black.

Make your way around the area attacking and destroying
each mouth and run or fight off the worms as necessary.

Try to take out the ones on the ceiling first using your
guns. If you run out of ammo, the buzzsaw cannot reach
the mouths on the ceiling.

once the room is cleared, go through the wooden door.

On a chair in front of you is the 4th floor map. The only
exit from this room is in the south east corner, step
through the door.

Round the corner to the right and run straight for the
wooden door at the end of the hall.

Round the corner to the right. The wooden door to the
left is an office with health and ammo. From the hallway,
head north through the door. Keep following the path
until you reach an intersetion.

There will be a door across from a counter, the door will
be locked, so keep heading west.

In the room with the flying bugs, the door leading south
is locked, so continue west.

Keep running west. there is nothing in this room and no
other paths to take, head for the skywalk.

There are two banshees on the skywalk. You now have the
means and experience to deal with these things. The door
to the north is locked, so go straight across the skywalk.


CHAPTER 9 - The Hole in the Wall


The only available path is to the right, so step through
the double doors.

Great, banshees in the hospital now. Make your way across
the room through the other double doors.

The door to the skywalk is locked, so take the wooden door.

The room straight ahead and in the alcove on the right
leads to an office, inside is the map. There is also some
health and ammo in the restroom and closet. Head back out
into the lobby area.

Go south down the hallway, stopping in the other office
for some ammo, if you need it. Then head south again
through the gray door.

Only go through the door on the left heading east if you
have become good at killing banshees. Two guard the
corridor, of which at the other end is ammo and health,
but that is all. You really don't need to go that way, so
take the door to the right (west).

Follow the hallway. It will lead you to another hallway
that goes from east to west. Some of the clipboards
deviate from the typical clinical diagnosis and have
more humorous conditions. Search the rooms for pick-ups and
once you are done in this hall, head out the double doors
to the west.

Follow the hall until it intersects. On the wall, written
in blood is a message saying "If You Dare." Approach the
metal box and examine it. Seems you need something to
improve your grip. Apparently, this level activates the
door on the east. So go through the door on the west.

Follow the hallway north and go through the door marked
"staff only."

In the closet to your immediate left is a glove, take it
then return to the metal box. Move the lever, then go
through the door.

The walls in this room generate green worms. Consult
your map to orientate your self then exit through the
south door.

Ahead of you on the floor is a .357 revolver! Don't miss

The only open path is to the west, so go that way.

Head down the hallway. Look in the closets for magnum ammo.
At the end of the hall, exit the north door towards the

Go down the stairs and through the door to the 3rd floor.


CHAPTER 10 - The Torn Photograph


Proceed down the hallway. The rooms to your left all
contain pick-ups of a various nature, grab what you need.

After turning the corner, at the end of the hall are two
doors, one to the right and one to the left. There is also
a 3rd floor map located on the counter top between the
doors. Once you are finished here, take the west doors.

Watch out for the banshee in this hall, don't forget that
the buzzsaw can really even the odds for you against those
things. There's nothing to be found here so just go up
the hallway and exit the north door.

The way west is blocked, so head east. Watch out for the
green worms, they're not ripe yet. (Movie Reference) Turn
your light off before entering the next room, there are
flying insects.

There is nothing to be had in this room, so from the door,
go towards the left (east on the map) and out the double
white doors.

There are a couple of Crawlers in this hallway. All the of
doors are locked, so follow the hallway to the northeast

In this room the way south is locked, so keep going east.

Oooo, that eerie laughter again. There are a few pick-ups
in this room, once you have them, take the south exit.

There are a few Freaks lying on the floor. Take them out
before they can get up, then just keep following the path.

There are two Crawlers in this T-intersetion of a room and
nothing in either closet. The north door is locked, so
take the south door.

On the floor straight ahead of you is a flashing object,
go see what it is. It is the last piece of the torn photo.
Now we can complete the picture.

Step into the elevator (same hallway, east side) and
activate the panel, touching the flashing button.


CHAPTER 11 - The Guard Tower


Follow the path and out the double doors.

You are back in the courtyard. Return to the church and
place the three picture pieces in the book on the pulpit.

There is someone with their face scratched out, Jane Doe,
that woman that dropped the key earlier, and that little
girl you've been seeing. There is also a date - 10/31/07.
That is the same date that was on your clipboard outside
of the room you woke up in.

Leave the church. Back out in the courtyard, turn right
and go around the corner. Go through the gray door and up
the stairs.

Once you reach the roof, try entering the date in the
keypad. Bingo!

you are inside the guard tower. To your right, past the
dead guy is the last weapon, the sniper rifle!

You could have skipped ahead earlier and looked here for
the code to get into the guard tower and had the sniper
rifle much earlier and it may have even helped you, but I
didn't mention it because that wasn't the correct sequence
of the game and you would have robbed yourself of the
challenge of NOT having the rifle.

Next time you play, remember this. If you pick it up in
Chapter 5, then you will be able to use it against the
Gatlingun-Wheelchair-Boss, which will make that fight
much easier.

Exit the tower out of the opposite door that you entered.
Down the stairs and back into the courtyard, then go to
right and take the elevator.


CHAPTER 12 - The Cleaver's Return



After the doors open, the Cleaver is will coming straight
at you from down the hall. Whip out the sniper rifle and
tag that fool in the head. Wait until he stops flashing
red before shooting again as he is not vulnerable when
flashing. He will again attempt to hit you with the green
whatever from his syringe, just side step it. This fight
should be simpler than before.

You may not want to hang out in the elevator. The room
you are in makes a giant figure 8. Lure the Clever towards
you, then put some distance between you and keep tagging
him. You will probably run out of sniper ammo, so be ready
to fall back to one of your other guns.

After the fight, put the counter to your left, then exit
the door at the end of the hall.

Keep going straight, the first room has some health
pick-ups, then pass through the second room. Follow the
hallway, make the right turn then through the door.

There are banshees in this next hall. The wooden door on
your right is an office with some health and 9mmm ammo.
Follow the hall, it will make a right turn, then come to
a T-intersection. Look to your right to find the map!
Now exit the south door.

There is some sniper ammo in the wheel chair in front of
you. After snagging that, take the east door.

Look at your map. The room you are in is in the shape of a
backwards "L." The office in the southeast corner has some
health. The doors to the stairwell are locked, but the
office just north of the stairwell has some magnum ammo.
Back in the hallway, turn off your light then exit the
door to the north.

There are two offices off of this hall but one is empty
and the other is blocked, so just run past the bugs and
through the yellow door.

Run straight ahead and across the cafeteria, taking out
the banshees as needed, then exit the door to the north.
In the cafeteria, ignore the other doors and don't look
in the kitchen. The kitchen is empty and the middle doors
leading west is the long way to where we're heading.

The path to the stairs is block, so head west.

Keep going west (straight) and into the Patient Ward.

Handle the three Crawlers, then keep going west.

There's some health in the foyer, after grabbing that,
head out to the skywalk.

Prepare to take out a couple of banshees, then take the
door to the south. (The west door is locked).

After passing through the corridor running south, turn
back to the west. Watch for more banshees.


CHAPTER 13 - The Door with no Handle


Walk forward down the hall. There will be a yellow door
on your right, ignore it for now. Follow the path as it
turns to the left. Just ahead you will see a box on the
floor. After examining the box, you see that a special
four letter word is required to open it. There must be a
clue some where. Ah! there is a piece of paper right
beside the box that reads:

It could be random
That might be true
But, I don't think so
It brought me to you

Hidden in the code
It's easy to see
Just remember that
Ten equals E

Ten equals E? The code on the box is AULA. Hmmm, still
doesn't make sense, maybe there is another clue somewhere.
Search the rest of this area to find some pick-ups, then
go back to and through the yellow door.

All of the doors in this hallway are locked, so just run
to the double doors at the end of the hall.

To your left is a wooden door and on it are scratched:
11, 6, 25, 10. Four numbers, four letters for the
special word.

In reality, five equals E but according to the poem, Ten
equals E. So they added 5. In reality one equals A, so
add five and six equals A. Seven equals B, eight equals C
and so on.

11 would equal F
6 would equal A
25 would equal T
10 would equal E

Enter "FATE." Now you have the door handle! Return to
the wooden door with the numbers scrawled on it.

After watching the news story, go across the room and
through the double doors.

Another surgery room, exit the bloody double doors.

Fight your way to the door on the right.

The wooden door is locked, so take another right.

Kill the Crawlers, follow the hallway, take the yellow

All of the doors in this hallway are locked but one, take
a right down the branching hall and go straight to the
door at the end.

Does this receptionist area seem especially bloody to you?
Enter the lounge through the double doors.

Watch for the green worms. Skip the doors to the left,
they are locked and go directly to the doors across the

Directly across from you is the lady's room, there is some
health in there, and one freak as well. The hallway leads
left, watch for the flying insects. Run past them and
through the door at the end of the hall.

Banshees. The hall leads to the right, keep following it
until you can go left, then go through the door.

The doors to your left and front are both locked so head
right, all the way to the end of the hall and through
the door.

Bugs, mind the light. The door left is locked, the path
straight is blocked, so go right.

Take out the banshees and worms, check the open rooms for
pick-ups, then exit the double doors leading to the stairs.

Follow the stairs to the first floor and step through the


CHAPTER 14 - The Wheelchair's Return


In this first room, there are pick-ups a-plenty. Raid
the place, turn your light off and once you are ready step
through the metal door.

Don't move! Equip the sniper rifle and get one good head
shot! He will run, er, roll off after you hit him. Give
chase! Don't use your flashlight to find him. Keep your
distance and look down the long hallways with the sniper
rifle. If he sees your flashlight's beam, you give away
your position and he will open fire.

As he runs, check each hallway with the scope to see if he
stopped at the end. Once you locate him, pop him in the
head, paint the walls with his brains. (Movie Reference)

Keep up this pattern and do not fire unless the reticule
is red. With about 8-10 shots, he will fall. If you find
that you don't have enough sniper ammo, try to sneak up on
him from the side, then pop out from around the corner and
unload on him with whatever you have (Shotgun, machinegun,

Once he falls, step through the metal door.

Follow the hall, dealing with the freaks as needed. The
door at the end of the hall is locked, but just to the
left is an unlocked door.

Watch for the crawlers in this hall. Follow the path and
through the door at the end.

Watch for the bugs, then take a right and through the
double doors.

Another banshee hallway. Duck into the side rooms for
pick-ups and cover. Run straight down the hall, do not
take the left. Both doors lead to the same place, but the
left path is the longer way.

There are crawlers in this area. Follow the path, when it
branches, do not go left through the double doors, that
leads you right back to the banshee hallway. The hallway
past the right door is blocked, a dead end, so go straight.

The first door to your left is an office with flying bugs
and health. The other office on the left is empty of any
thing, so once the path opens up, go to the right. Step
through the wooden door with your gun/saw in hand.

Quickly take out the freak then go through the white
double doors on the right.

Run past the bugs and to the double doors on the other
side of the room.

Up and to the left, take the doors to the skywalk.

As you have probably guessed, there are banshees out here.
The door to the left is locked, so just keep running to
the other end.


CHAPTER 15 - The First Encounter


Proceed forward until you see the counter, there is a map
waiting for you. Search the room for pick-ups, just
watch for the bugs on the west side of the room. Once you
have all that you need, exit the door on the west.

Get past the freak, then through the door.

After killing the crawler, head north.

Make your way through the very linear maze, then exit the
door in the northwest corner.

Follow the path, again linear, and head out of the north
east door.

The door to the stairs is locked, so go right (south).

Prepare yourself for a banshee, then proceed south.

Watch for the crawlers. The door to the right (west) is
locked, so keep going south.

The west door is still locked, so keep going south.

The first door to your right is locked, as is the first
office to your left, the next office is empty. Man-handle
the freaks and keep going south.

Mr. Redmoor? Is that you? Well who was that guy in black?
It will all be over soon?

Look up ahead where that guy was standing, a note. So the
little girl's name is Amanda. And so maybe you didn't kill
her Mommy, Jane Doe.

After grabbing all of the pick-ups you need out of this
hall, step through the door leading east to the stairwell.

Follow the stairs down and through the basement doors.


CHAPTER 16 - The Final Encounter


Ironic that you are in the basement and no longer need the
flashlight. Follow the path. For several rooms, it doesn't
deviate, no other paths to take. You will eventually come
to a T-intersection. When you do, go left.

Keep following the path. Like before, it will remain
linear for many rooms. When you come to another
T-intersection it doesn't matter which way you go. It
makes a circle that meets up at the door to the path.

Keep following the path, dealing with enemies as they come.
Again, it will stay straight for a long time, then branch.
This next branch though is just another circle path within
the room. Pick-ups line the floor. Grab what you need,
then step through the door.


Run and gun, run backwards that is. Hit him whenever
possible but watch for when he flashes red. Wait for the
flashing to stop before you fire at him again or else you
will just waste ammo.

Periodically, he will use some kind of ability to grab you.
You will know he is doing it when you see white around the
edges of the screen. You can still hurt him, but you cannot
break away from his grip.*

*I read on the Gamefaqs message boards that once he grabs
you, if you shoot his hands he will release you.

I found that the sniper rifle does the most damage to him
(head shots) but it might be a bit tedious to set up the

This is the last boss of the game, there is no reason to
conserve ammo, so just hit him with what you can and try
to keep your distance.


Boss tip provided by: Arkrex

Anyway, regarding you strategy for the final boss, it
seems a bit empty, so I thought I'd lend you my fail-proof

Hit him up with the shotgun at a distance, never letting
him get too close, nor too far away. That way, when he
eventually tries to levitate you, you can switch to the
revolver and blast away at his hands easily (massive
damage). Switch back to the shotgun once he puts you
down again (the spread prevents him from dodging the
blasts) and rinse and repeat until he's a goner.


Enjoy the ending.




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Movie Reference answers -

"Now I have a machinegun. Ho ho ho."

- Die Hard 1, Hans Gruber

"Say hello to my little friend!"

- Scarface, Tony Montana

"Watch out for the green worms, they're not ripe yet."

- A Fish Called Wanda, Otto

"Once you locate him, pop him in the head, paint the walls
with his brains."

- Fight Club, the Narrator