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Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS Cheats


Custom Parts AutoLoader

Complete any difficulty without using herbs.

Free Herb in Raid Mode

Smash the BSAA emblem at the end of a stage in Raid Mode with a fully charged melee attack.

Raid Mode Characters and Outfits

Accomplish certain missions to unlock new characters, as well as outfits.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chris, outfit 1 (Snow)Clear episode 1-3 in the main game
Chris, outfit 2 (Ship)Reach player level 30
Jessica, outfit 1 (Snow)Reach player level 10
Jessica, outfit 2 (Ship)Clear every stage on Trench difficulty
Jessica, outfit 3 (Terragrigia)Reach player level 40
Jill, outfit 1 (Ship)Clear episode 1-3 in the main game
Jill, outfit 2 (Beach)Clear the first Raid stage
Keith, outfit 1 (Snow)Clear episode 4-6 in the main game
Keith, outfit 2 (HQ)Clear 50 missions
MorganFind the real exit on stage 21
NormanObtain all rare weapons
O'BrianClear every stage on Abyss difficulty
Parker, outfit 1 (Ship)Clear episode 1-3 in the main game
Parker, outfit 2 (Beach)Reach player level 20
Parker, outfit 3 (Terragrigia)Obtain one rare weapon
Quint, outfit 1 (Snow)Clear 100 missions
Quint, outfit 2 (HQ)Reach player level 50
RaymondClear every stage on Chasm difficulty

Raid Mode Difficulties

In Raid Mode, you can unlock extra difficulties for the stages by completing objectives in Raid Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all Raid Mode stages on Chasm DifficultyTrench Difficulty
Complete all Raid Mode stages on Trench DifficultyAbyss Difficulty

Raid Mode Stages

While playing the campaign for Resident Evil Revelations, you'll unlock stages for the game's bonus Raid Mode. These stages are obtained by reaching points in the main story.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Raid Mode Bonus Stage 21Clear the game
Raid Mode Stages 1-7Clear Episodes 1-3
Raid Mode Stages 13-17Clear Episodes 7-9
Raid Mode Stages 18-20Clear episodes 10-12
Raid Mode Stages 8-12Clear Episodes 4-6


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hell DifficultyComplete the game once on normal
Hydra ShotgunComplete the game on Normal difficulty or higher
Infinite Rocket LauncherComplete the Game on Hell difficulty
New Game+Complete the game once on any difficulty.