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Tom Clancy’s The Division Xbox One Cheats

General Tips
  • Early XP Boost - When you reach Manhattan and establish a Base of Operations at the NYPO, you have the opportunity to complete the first Security before you move onto other missions. Make sure that you do so. Upon rescuing Sgt. Benitez, you'll have the option to upgrade your base's Security wing, which unlocks the Experienced Agent perk. It will award you a 10% XP boost, meaning each task you complete thereafter can yield a more substantial reward than it otherwise would.
  • Level Up Quickly - Keep the following advice in mind to make the most of any time you spend pursuing higher levels: return to missions you've already cleared, but on higher difficulty settings; seek out and complete all available Side Missions; clear any random encounters that crop up as you explore; find the location of all ECHO sequences.
  • Gaining New Skills - Update your Base of Operations, which leads to new abilities. For instance, you can construct a new wing for your Medical Ward, and that will grant access to a new healing skill. You might also gain a new perk in the process. You still want XP, however, because gaining levels allows you to use better weapons and gear.
  • Sons of Anarchy reference - You'll find a number of ads positioned around town that depict a man with "Saviors of New York" printed across the back of his shirt, in a format that seems to be a direct reference to the television show.
  • Grow Home and Rayman: Raving Rabbids reference - Check the third floor of an apartment in Chelsea and you should find a shelf along a wall that holds two board games of note: one featuring Grow Home and another starring the Raving Rabbids.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference - Located near the corner of 7th Ave and W 31st St, you'll find a Radical Pizza box and a pair of orange nunchucks lying in the snow.
  • Shaun of the Dead reference - In Chelsea, look for an echo of a man named Shaun, which is trying to jump over a fence. That attempt prompts the fence to fall over, a direct reference to a similar scene in the movie, "Shaun of the Dead."