EA Sports UFC 2 Makes Knockouts More Brutal, Fixes Submission System

EA Sports UFC 2 has released a new video detailing the game's improved fighting system, showcasing more brutal knockouts through the enhanced physics engine. With the extra year the developers had after delaying the series a year, the character modeling (go Cro Cop!) has been made more lifelike, visceral, and bloody where it needs to be.

But the most impressive feature that has been improved is the submission system which has been tricky to navigate, well, ever since UFC games have existed. The quarter-circle and half-circle inputs and the memorization you need to remember all of the holds and transitions between them are mind-boggling, so the new submission system gives players a handy visible guide that shows every transition and position.

EA Sports UFC 2 also promises a career mode that will have more elaborate training camps, female fighters for the first time (which you can watch an example in the video), and "career-defining moments" along the way. It will also bring an "Ultimate Team" mode to the game, where you create a team of five fighters and compete with others to earn coins and open packs with special items.

If you pre-order EA Sports UFC 2, you will get Day 1 access to Bas Rutten, Kazushi Sakauraba, and another character too.