Free March Update Now Available for Star Wars: Battlefront, Includes New Map and Mission

If you log in to Star Wars: Battlefront today, you'll notice that a patch is available for download. Right on schedule, EA DICE has deployed a content drop that includes several exciting new ways to play the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront's March content drop includes a new Rebel Depot survival mission that takes place on Tatooine. This can be played either alone or with friends. In the competitive multiplayer arena, the game has received a new map titled Survivors of Endor. This map can be played in the Walker Assault, Turning Point, and Supremacy game modes in competitive multiplayer.

It is expected that the first expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront, titled Outer Rim, will release soon, and it will be the game's first piece of priced content. There are still four expansions yet to debut as EA DICE plans to support the game until the end of 2016 at which point a new Battlefield game will land on store shelves.

Star Wars: Battlefront's free updates have helped to remedy one of the game's greatest shortcomings at launch: it's lack of content. Although initial reviews were mixed, the game has become much more recommendable thanks to added maps and ways to play.