Gran Turismo 7 Coming Next Year As “Best-Case Scenario”

Gran Turismo 6 launches on December 6th exclusively for PlayStation 3 as sadly there is no PlayStation 4 version coming this year. Polyphony hopes to remedy that next year by squeezing out Gran Turismo 7 before 2015 hits.

Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explained to Top Gear:

We don't want to take too long on Gran Turismo 7. Best-case scenario? Next year. In GT6 we really had to tune the software 100 per cent to maximise the PS3's architecture, but of course the PS4's hardware is much better, so I think the overall quality of the game across the board will be boosted when you come to play it.

Considering how much of a perfectionist Polyphony Digital is, it's hard to imagine GT7 being ready in just a year's time. Do you think the studio will be able to have the game done in time for a holiday 2014 release? Let us know in the comments below.

[MCV, Via Joystiq]