Grab One Of 10,000 WildStar Free-To-Play Closed Beta Codes Here [NA and EU Available]

The highest-rated MMORPG of 2014 is only weeks from making the transition to free-to-play. That game is WildStar, and it's quickly becoming one of the most widely discussed games in the MMORPG scene.

On September 29th, WildStar will officially be free-to-play. Those who aren't interested in subscription fees will have a chance to enjoy the experience with no commitment. In order to prepare for the inevitable influx of players, Carbine Studios is hosting a Closed Beta aimed at stress testing and game polish for what is essentially a re-launch of the game.

Thanks to Carbine Studios, we have 10,000 WildStar closed beta keys to give away. Each of these codes grants any non-subscriber access to the Closed Beta currently underway and concluding at the end of September. Grab a code below corresponding to your region:


Download Instructions:

Congratulations!   Your code will give you access to the WildStar Free-to-Play Closed Beta. Download the Closed Beta client by clicking this link.

While you wait for the client to download, you'll need to follow the below directions to redeem your key.

Account Creation & Beta Key Redemption Instructions

Creating an NCSOFT Account

*Note: If you already have an existing NCSOFT account, you can safely skip the first step.

1. Visit the NCSOFT account creation website and enter your details.

2. Follow the link in the email you receive to verify your email address successfully.

Redeeming Your Closed Beta Key

1. Log into your account using the NCSOFT account website link below.

2. Click on "Apply a Code" in the blue banner near the top of the page, or on the "Apply a Code" button on the right side of the page.

3. Paste in the code you received.

4. Click Apply.

If you receive a success message, you're good to go. If not double-check the serial key is entered correctly. An FAQ for the Closed Beta is available here.

WildStar's transition to free-to-play will arrive alongside a major update that will adjust game mechanics, the early leveling experience, the sprint system, and much more.