Star Wars Battlefront’s PC Graphics Are a New Benchmark, See Comparison Vs Battlefield 4

While most gamers are busy talking about the gameplay and Walker Assault imbalance in Star Wars: Battlefront, its presentation deserves equal if not more attention. Although the game looks good on PS4 where it runs at 900p, turned up to high settings with at least a 1080p resolution on PC results in an experience that Star Wars fans previously only dreamed about.

Star Wars: Battlefront is the best showcase of EA's Frostbite 3 engine yet. It employs Photogrammetry to push real Star Wars props into the game environment, recreating the look and feel of the films. It also has high texture resolution for its environments, carefully crafted effects, and support for tesselation. As with the Battlefield games that proceeded it, it will become a new benchmark for PC gamers to test their hardware.


Below we have a total of 11 screenshots taken straight from the PC version of Star Wars: Battlefront. In addition, there are four screenshots pulled from levels in Battlefield 4 that are comparable to Hoth and Sollust. Be sure to click the images for a full screen to get a full impression of how good the game looks.