Best Video Game Podcast #15 – Fallout 4: Special With Dots Between the Letters

For all you listeners loving Wasteland Radio, here's a little MP3 Download for ya, yeah, you know just a right-click and a save-as and take it with ya, you know you know~

00:00 – Intro and graphics

04:05 – Fallout 4's art direction or "Why are the 50's terrifying?"

10:23 – The mark of a good open-world game

13:16 – Thoughts on the story (so far), spoiler free

14:58 – Interface and settlements

16:40 – Tales of power armor, turrets, swords, and raiders

18:44 – Depth, Combat, cameras, and hitting the bottom

29:18 – Back to that interface…

33:57 – Quality vs. Quantity

35:50 – RPGs and "you are the story"

38:00 – Survival horror wishes it could do this

40:09 – Diamond City

42:25 – Why I murdered Wolverine

47:11 – What up, Dog?

49:11 – The Music

Listen or die trying (or do neither if you really want).

What've you thought of your time with Fallout 4 so far? And what of our musings?