We Picked Final Fantasy Characters for Each Other to Marry

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It’s a question as old as stories themselves: "What fictional character would you marry?" We tend to talk mostly about RPGs here, so we decided to look into this with Final Fantasy characters. Instead of all these plain old “hottest” countdowns, we go deeper and see who we might really want to settle down with, long term. We talk about the many reasons why some characters make the cut and others don't.

But we don’t just pick for ourselves on this podcast, no no — we pick for each other. Ha! Let the love games begin!

00:32 – The rules, the setup
03:45 – 3 Roster cuts & mismatches
09:57 – Heath picks dudes for Nell
20:42 – Heath picks a lady for Nell
23:34 – Nell picks ladies for Heath
35:07 – Side quest: a backup plan
36:54 – Nell picks a dude for Heath
40:26 – Nell’s own picks, conclusions

Who would you pick for yourself? And who would you pick for us? There are quite a few choices in the series….

You win the title of Comment King or Comment Queen for the thread if you can name the songs in the beginning and end. This isn't because it's hard (it won't be for a Final Fantasy fan), but because I'm curious to see how many people listen to the podcast versus drive-by post their waifus.

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