Bioshock: The Collection – Golden Reel Guide

I've loved the Bioshock series ever since the first game was released, and I grew even fonder ever since I got into steampunk. After playing the original game on Xbox 360, and then on PC, I'm thrilled to play the remastered collection on PS4. While the upgrades are almost purely cosmetic, the developers have managed to include a new collectible item to the original Bioshock as an added incentive to return to Rapture.

Ten Golden Film Reels are hidden throughout the game that each unlock an episode of director's commentary called "Imagining Bioshock." These commentaries delve into the process of making the game and offer interesting facts about its creation. While the developers weren't diabolical in choosing the hiding spots, these reels can be tricky to spot because they're small and they don't have the same “shimmer” that makes other pick-ups stand out.

Fortunately, there's an indicator at the bottom of the pause screen that shows if there's a director's reel in the particular level. Make sure to grab these Golden Film Reels as you play through the game because you won't be able to return to most past areas.


Reel #1 – Welcome to Rapture

The first reel is pretty much hidden in plain sight, so it's very easy to find. It's lying on the left part of the wooden stage in the Footlight Theater. They will become harder to find as you progress through the game.

Reel #2 – Medical Pavilion

Players will meet Brigid Tenenbaum in the Lounge of the Medical Pavilion, and they'll have the option of harvesting or rescuing their first little sister. Regardless of the player's decision, a Gatherer's Garden appears afterwards. To the left of it, on the floor leaning against a wall, is the second reel.

Reel #3 – Neptune's Bounty

After defeating Peach Wilkins in Fontaine Fisheries, players will retrieve their weapons as they head down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs are two giant freezers. Enter the freezer on the right and walk to the back. Look on the bottom level of the shelf on the right just as the freezer makes a bend and you will see the third reel.

Reel #4 – Farmer's Market

In the basement of Worley Winery, players will find a small room with a glowing gene tonic. Go across the mini-bridge to get to the room, and then look to the left once inside. The fourth reel is on the floor leaning against the wall.

Reel #5 – Fort Frolic

Finding this one can be… ahem… a reel challenge. It's hidden from sight in the projection booth at the top of the stairs in Fleet Hall. However, all missions in this area must be completed before the gate that blocks the door is unlocked. Instead of leaving Fort Frolic after killing Sander Cohen, head back to the projection booth. The door will be open and the fifth reel is lying on the desk inside.

Reel #6 – Hephaestus

At one point on this level, players will be sent to a crawlspace to continue the main mission. Just behind the mission goal location in the crawlspace is a workbench with an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb casing enshrouded in mist. Underneath the casing is a shelf, and the sixth reel is sitting on this shelf.

Reel #7 – Rapture Central Command

After mindlessly kill Ryan, go through the door that's to the left of the large glass window and into Ryan's office. Veer slightly left and head towards the wall. Ryan's desk is close to the wall, and the seventh reel is lying on the top of his desk.

Reel #8 – Apollo Square

This reel is found in the very last room before players leave this level for the next one. It's located on a couch in the Bathysphere Station. The couch is surrounded by other debris, including a pile of suitcases and a mattress lying on the ground.

Reel #9 – Point Prometheus

On the bottom floor of Little Wonders is an “island” of kid's bedrooms surrounded by a hallway. There are four bedrooms in total. Go inside the only one with the door already open, and the ninth reel will be lying on the pillow at the top of the bed.

Reel #10 – Proving Grounds

Just before fighting Fontaine at the end of the game, stop in the elevator room before heading up to confront him. Turn around and look towards the entrance. There's a U-invent machine by the door, and the last reel is lying on the floor, leaning against the wall to the left of the machine.