Battlefield 1’s Single-Player Campaign Is Way Better Than We Expected [VIDEO]

Last week, EA hosted an event for the press to get hands-on time with both the single and multiplayer modes for one of this year's biggest releases, Battlefield 1. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with the campaign as well as the multiplayer in anticipation of launch.

EA's Access Origins is giving fans of the series a chance to play the first few hours. The setting is World War 1, and that means no more lasers or other kinds of modern warfare trinkets to use. My time with the campaign instantly brought me back to when I first fell in love with shooters, Call of Duty II. So far, its good enough to stand alongside it.

From the way death is dolled out with a memorial card to the lifeless bodies that lay before you, the mortality of mankind is inescapable.

Don't have Access Origins Early Play? Not a problem! Click on the live capture I recorded. Judge for yourself by these clips included below, and stay tuned for our review!

Battlefield 1 Intro

Through Mud and Blood