A Guide To Obtaining FFXV’s 5 Best Legendary Weapons

There are a total of five legendary weapons in Final Fantasy XV. These are the highest scaling weapons in the game, capable of delivering decisive blows to enemies.

The good news is that all five weapons aren't terribly difficult to obtain, and for the most part serve as entertaining side missions. The bad news is that you'll need to complete Chapter 15 before you can obtain any of them. After completing this requirement simply do the following to gain access to the side quests for all five legendary weapons:

  • 1. Return to Lucis.
  • 2. Go to Lestallum to meet Randolph.

After that, embark on any or all of the following before returning to Randolph to unlock a weapon.

Iron Duke

Minimum Recommended Level: 45

Boss Name: Bennu (level 55)

Weapon Type: Greatsword

To obtain this legendary greatsword you need to kill Bennu. This level 55 boss is a bird that you may remember from an encounter early in the game where you fetch an item from its nest.

Bennu is vulnerable to Thunder, so bring plenty of magic. This is a very straight forward boss that you shouldn't be intimidated by despite its size. Avoid its big-hitting attacks and by the end of it you'll get the item you need to take to Randolph

Your victory will net you the Iron Juke as well as 8,000 experience points.

Dragoon Lance

Minimum Recommended Level: 60

Boss Name: Maldodoom (level 65)

Weapon Type: Spear

This legendary spear is incredibly powerful, and is obtained from a boss similar to Iron Juke. This time around you'll be pit against the level 65 Maldodoom, a large plant enemy.

Maldodoom doesn't hit too hard, but he is capable of inflicting your party with nasty status anomalies. Stay on the move and make sure you bring many solutions for curing the anomalies that you will be hit by.

Your success leads to the Dragoon Lance and 10,000 experience points.


Minimum Recommended Level: 70

Boss Name: 2x Sir Tonberry's (level 75)

Weapon type: Shield

Say hello to Ziedrich, the most powerful shield in the game. This gold plated relic is perfect for Gladiolus and requires you to defeat two bosses at the same time, a tall order.

The bosses in question are Tonberrys, which you may remember from other Final Fantasy games. These weird little guys have difficult to read attacks that quickly whittle down your party. This fight is very likely to take you a few tries as you get your timing down. Note that both are weak to Holy.

You will receive the Ziedrich as well as 12,000 experience points.

Soul Saber

Minimum Recommended Level: 75

Boss Name: Phalaris (level 85)

Weapon Type: Sword

The Soul Saber is a legendary sword that is looked upon as the most reliable source of damage for Noctis in the entire game. Your success in obtaining it is a huge deal.

In order to obtain the Soul Saber you're going to have to kill Phalaris. This slow moving boss has attacks that hit hard, but can be very easy to read due to their telegraphs. Take your time and you will emerge victorious.

Randolph will give you 15,000 experience points and a Soul Saber.

Zwill Crossblades

Minimum Recommended Level: 100

Boss Name: Naglfar (level 120)

Weapon Type: Daggers

Square Enix felt the need to make the final legendary weapon as challenging to obtain as possible. The weapon in question is the Zwill Crossblades, a pair of daggers. This is a huge jump up in difficulty from the prior quests.

You will be pit against Naglfar, a boss with a tremendous amount of health. You're going to require a lot of options for healing to sustain throughout the long battle, as well as plenty of Fire magic.

Your efforts will be rewarded with 20,000 experience points and the most powerful daggers in the game.


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