Ranking All Combo Vehicles In Dead Rising 4 From Worst To Best

Just like Frank West, Combo Vehicles make a triumphant return in Dead Rising 4, offering you the perhaps scientifically questionable ability to combine two vehicles into one killing machine or another. In Dead Rising 4, there are eight such vehicle combinations, and below we give you the rundown on each one, ranked from worst to best.

8. Sling Rot

Description: Tow Truck + Hearse.

Abilities: You vacuum in zombies with RB and shoot them out with LB.

Special Attack: Shoot out narrow streams of flames from the left and right side.

Analysis: The Sling Rot is a good, durable vehicle that can drive relatively quickly and mow over zombies without much trouble. But those are the qualities of tow truck by itself, as well. All the hearse brings to the equation is a half-funny joke of throwing zombie corpses about, but that doesn't have much of a practical use. The Sling Rot's special attack also pales in comparison to the rest, making this the worst of the bunch.

7. Kill-O-Watt

Description: Go-Kart + Shopping Cart.

Abilities: Electrify the car with RB and shoot out a electrified bolo with LB.

Special Attack: AOE electrical storm in radius of the car.

Analysis: The Kill-O-Watt is the first combo vehicle to which you are exposed in Dead Rising 4, so you can't expect it to be very good. While it seems really cool when you first drive it, every one of its skills simply get power-creeped. That and the fact that it's not an easy car to drive put it low on the list.

6. Bogey Monster

Description: Golf Cart + Balancer (Segway)

Abilities: Spin slicing golf clubs with RB, shoot golf balls with LB.

Special Attack: AOE lasers that vaporize a radius of zombies.

Analysis: The Bogey Monster is fun, and its golf ball shooting is an effective long- and short-distance killer, its other two abilities will simply underwhelm in comparison. The spinning golf clubs have such a short reach that they might as well not even be there, and the lasers take too long to set up such that your car will likely take unnecessary damage while it's charging.

5. Mower Hog

Description: Lawn Mower + Kid's Bike

Abilities: Shoot flames out the front with LB

Special Attack: Set aflame and shoot out zombies you run over, making their pieces explode on contact.

Analysis: Yes, while it only has one primary ability, it's really all it needs, and its secondary ability lasts a long time and does tremendous damage. It has a draw back of being particularly slow (it's powered by pedaling), much slower than say, the Kill-O-Watt, but it's easy to control.

4. Tread Maker

Description: Tractor + Wheelchair

Abilities: Fire shrapnel balls with LB and boost the vehicle with RB.

Special Attack: Fire dropping rockets that explode for massive damage.

Analysis: The Tread Maker has a lot of upside, given its general durability and high-damage. But it lacks a solid second ability that keeps it out of the top-tier. Yes, it has a speed boost, but that only serves to offset the Tread Maker's general lack of speed. Plus, the boost only works in short bursts.

3. Creep Fryer

Description: Food Truck + Enduro Bike

Abilities: Fire boiling grease with LB and heat up the front grill with RB.

Special Attack: Spin in circles firing deadly plates.

Analysis: The Creep Fryer has the best of both worlds that the Sling Rot tried to achieve: being both funny and practical. The idea of making a deadly food truck that fires out plates and grease is entertaining, but it's also wildly effective. The grill on the front is perhaps a tad underwhelming, but it certainly works well enough in its small scope.

2. Warmonger

Description: Military DRV + ATV

Abilities: Fire explosive rockets with RB and a machine gun with LB.

Special Attack: Fire the machine gun in rapid circles and shoot out the rockets about once a second.

Analysis: This one is probably the most effective killing machine. It's speedy, deadly and all around practical. But what keeps it from the top spot is its lack of imagination. Even when you take it down a size with the ATV combination, it's still basically just a tank, which makes it an odd entry to Dead Rising 4.

1. Cryonic Commando

Description: Antique Car + Snowmobile

Abilities: Freezing mist with RB and deadly snowballs with LB.

Special Attack: Slowly freeze all zombies in a large radius before exploding outwards, shattering all of them.

Analysis: The Cryonic Commando has it all. Humor, practicality, deadliness, durability, speed and control. If you the have the scrap, you should be sure to buy one of these each time. While I do wish it had the precise aiming of the Warmonger's machine gun, the Cryonic Commando gets the nod for being more in line with what Dead Rising is supposed to be.