With Live Fire, Titanfall 2 Cements Consumer-Friendly Status

After announcing a new game mode and maps for Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment finally gave us the first full look at Live Fire – a 6v6, pilots-only capture-the-flag variant, a game mode available today across all platforms. This incredibly fast-paced mode features 60-second matches where the team that possesses the flag at the end of the round is the winner.

More than anything else, what this really underscores is how anyone who bought Titanfall 2 has got their money's worth, and then some. Respawn's fast-paced shooter sequel is continuing to show why it was the best purchase of last year (and, the way DLC practices are shaping up in 2017, it could be the best for this year as well).

For starters, this new game mode looks amazing. Sixty-second elimination rounds are exciting in and of themselves, but the addition of objective-based gameplay on top of that ups the ante even more. It's the kind of game mode that goes down quickly and easily but still scratches the itch of great gameplay.

Then there's the issue we keep harping on: the $0 price tag. It's a free update that adds two maps, one classic map and a groundbreaking new game mode. That kind of thing could go for $10-$20 just a year or two ago. In fact, the original Titanfall pulled the Call-of-Duty-pioneered "three maps for $9.99" model. This is three maps AND a game mode at no additional cost.

For fans of the game and those who originally bought it, this is simply Respawn keeping their promise of free post-launch content, but I'm not sure anyone knew quite what to expect. For people who didn't buy the game, this is as much an excuse to finally hop on the train as any.

Worse yet, I would certainly feel like a huge schmuck if I bought one of the other shooters that came out around the same time such as Battlefield 1 or Infinite Warfare, both of which have their own levels of shameless monetization. Meanwhile, everyone playing Titanfall 2 is getting the most bang for their buck by far.

Hopefully these updates will continue for quite some time, as they put Titanfall 2 a cut above the rest.