Overwatch Theory: Efi Oladele And Doomfist Are Working Together

Blizzard seems to be stringing us along in a much better fashion than they have in the past. After revealing a new character last week, Efi Oladele (who may or may not become the next Overwatch hero), Jeff Kaplan and the team thickened the plot today Tweeting an image of an apparent attack at an airport in Numbani.

In case you don't remember, Efi Oladele is a child-prodigy with a genius-level IQ who specializes in AI and Robotics. When we last heard from her in the interview, she indicated that she was heading for a flight out of – you guessed it – Numbani. So was she involved in this attack? Is she even at the airport at all? Let's find out.

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Photo Credit

First of all, Efi Oladele was there. No doubt about it. In the bottom right corner is a photo credit that shows where Atlas News got their visuals. "PHOTO / Efi Oladele." She is there, she did not make her flight and she is sending these pictures to the airport.

More over, since flights have been suspended, as the feed says, Efi will be staying in Numbani for at least the foreseeable future.

OR15s Are Defense Bots

Last reveal, we were left questioning what OR15s were, after Efi mentioned how excited about them she was. As plain as day, we now know that they were defense bots. I can't imagine these are any cheaper than hiring actual guards for your airport, but they sure seem more efficient.

That is, unless you're counting this total demolition as a mark against them.

Unidentified Assailant

This wasn't in the image itself, it was in the Tweet from Overwatch's account that says the OR15s were destroyed in a confrontation with an "unidentified assailant," which is to say that there was one person or thing responsible for all of this. It wasn't an army of robots, and it wasn't Sombra, Reaper Widowmaker, etcetera. This was an attack by one individual being.

No Civilian Casualties

Also from Overwatch's Tweet was that "no civilian casualties" were reported. Now, this could be because Overwatch is never a dark game, and they wanted to make sure we, in a post-9/11 society are aware that they didn't go killing innocent people at an airport.

That being said, it could be deliberate that no civilians were killed. In fact, the image still says "purpose of attack still unknown" Instead, this attack may have specifically targeted the OR15s for some reason or another. One way or another, the assailant's goal was not merely terrorism.

What Does This All Mean?

I may be a little biased, because I've already theorized that Efi is an evil genius, and a potential mastermind behind a hostile A.I. takeover of the free world. But, if I'm right, this only plays into it.

Efi was at the airport exactly when the attack happened, and she made sure to snap photos and get them to the largest news network as soon as possible. The OR15s are defense bots and were apparently the target of the attack, as she didn't want to harm any people.

But Efi hasn't created her robot yet. So who attacked the airport? My guess is that she orchestrated this attack either with a hero who isn't out yet but will be eventually: Doomfist. She hires Doomfist, a lone assailant, to wreck some puny defense bots. This display would show the world that they need to beef up their security, and they happen to know of an 11-year-old super genius who can build them a shiny new set of defense robots, or maybe just one super-powered AI hero.

Then this perfectly sets up Doomfist's entry right after, since Doomfist won't be the next Overwatch hero. Am I crazy? Maybe, but not as crazy as Efi Oladele.